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Solicitud de separatas al Dr. Figura 1. En adultos con epilepsia secundaria generalizada, se ha descrito la existencia del SLG.

La edad promedio fue de Crisis convulsivas Los pacientes con SLG pueden presentar cualquier tipo de trastorno convulsivo. Puede existir compromiso de los pares craneanos, coreoatetosis y distonia, aunque es raro 5, 13, Figura 3.

Figura 4. El EEG demuestra descargada de punta-onda lenta a 1. Figura 5. El EEG de vigilia es generalmente desorganizado, excesivamente lento. Tabla 1. Retardo mental, en general. Se ha tenido buen resultado en pacientes con severo retardo mental y crisis convulsivas Su mayor efectividad se logra en el primer mes de tratamiento y especialmente en la segunda semana de iniciada la terapia. En general se recomiendan 20 a 40 U I.

Los resultados son en general pobres para los espasmos infantiles La dosis es de 0. ABSTRACT The Lennox-Gastaut syndrome is a well defined electroencephalographic and clinical entity displaying the following features: it occurs in children and less frequently in adolescents.

The association of several types of seizures, and the seizure type, are important criteria of clinical diagnosis. The most suggestive are atonic, tonic and atypical absences. Mental retardation is an essential component, although it may be absent at the onset of the syndrome. The most common EEG signs are bursts of diffuse slow-spike waves A brief history, etiology, symptons and signs, the EEG, the diagnosis, course, prognosis, and treatment are discussed by the authors.

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Síndrome de Lennox-Gastaut

When it recurs over and over, it is medically termed, epilepsy, which is a seizure disorder. The severe form of epilepsy is recognized as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. It usually starts before a child turns 4-years-old. During this kind of seizure, the child suddenly falls to the ground, which may be mistaken as poor balance or tripping up. It usually happens many times in a day. Absences seizures An atypical seizure that last from 10 seconds to several minutes. The child usually stares blankly, appears vacant, and manifests rapid blinking or head nodding.


Lennox-Gastaut-Syndrom. Was ist das?

Was ist das Lennox-Gastaut-Syndrom? Es wird auch Lennox-Syndrom genannt und gilt als schwer behandelbar. Mitunter kommt es auch erst nach dem 8. Lebensjahr zum Ausbruch. Da es erhebliche Parallelen zum West-Syndrom gibt, wird eine Verwandtschaft zwischen beiden Erkrankungen vermutet.


Syndrome de Lennox-Gastaut


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