The first is a widespread historical collection of people from different cultures across Europe and Eurasia. The second is a modern group of people whose practices and beliefs are informed by various strands of history, folklore, and myth that emerged from these historical cultures. The majority of the historical people who manifested the cultural practices and beliefs that inform modern Fayerie Traditionalism lived in the British Isles and Western Europe, but cultures in Scandinavia, all of continental Europe, and some parts of Eurasia also had practices and customs that folklorists and scholars consider to be in the same vein of similarity. A clear aesthetic kinship exists between the folk-animism of Fayerieism and the generally observed patterns of animistic spirit-veneration around the world. Modern Fayerie Traditionalists are not attempting to revive a historical Pagan religion. They are attempting to enter into direct relationships with the other-than-human persons called Fayerie beings or spirits that inhabit or indwell the landscapes and places where they live, and to create relationships with the souls of deceased relatives, friends, and ancestors, who are also believed to transform into Fayerie beings or spirits at some point after death.

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My name is Robin Artisson. I am a writer, spiritual ecologist, folklorist, and a practitioner of traditional sorcerous arts, as well as the author of several books on these topics. I have come to Patreon to take the study of folklore, the worldview of spiritual ecology, and the practice of sorcery to the next level. I wish to show another perspective on what mature esoteric arts and insights can mean for people, for communities, and even for the legends that fill the landscapes that we rely upon.

My Patreon page allows me to share the unfolding of my creative arts with interested persons, and receive help from them in those efforts. We co-create, in this way, the shape of things to come.

Those who join my "Strange Correspondents" tier will also get alongside what has been mentioned above full preview chapters of books and works I create, before they are published. I have studied the supernaturalism and folklore of New England for years, and have access to a large library of myths, legends, and modern day reports of strange activities to draw from.

I intend to bring a fresh eye of historical research and the extraordinary techniques of sorcery to the process of discovering the truths and historical events behind the legends and lores that fill this land. In this way, spiritual ecology and my own sorcerous practices can help bring attention to and preserve the stories and folklores of different places, expand our understanding of their origins, and possibly discover hidden layers of preternatural reality which may have gone undetected until now.

Things we only believed were urban legends or tall tales may have a more profound reality than we imagined. Patrons make it all possible.

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Spirit spouse

Contact Adherent of the Old Way Robin Artisson has been studying folklore, mythology, and the interior metaphysics of sorcery and pre-modern European preternaturalism for over 20 years. His specialty areas of knowledge include spiritual ecology, prehistory, herbalism and wortcunning, divination, and soul-flight or trance induction, along with a vocational interest in the extraordinary exploration of the hidden dimensions of the mind, the soul, and the world. Robin lives in the countryside of downeast Maine, near the craggy coast, under the shadows of the mountains and their forests. There, he carries on the relationships he has with the spirits he has allied with over the years, and watches his daughters grow with much joy. The modern day has afforded the world a chance to re-appraise the realities behind these important hidden cultural expressions, and the persistence of ancient wisdom that they represent. Sorcery and Witchcraft are two names for the same historical phenomenon- the art and craft of allying with or befriending non-human persons or spiritual powers, and enlisting their aid to achieve specific goals- whether goals for the good or ill of people and places in this world, or goals of inner growth and wisdom.


Robin Artisson

The darkest strains of myth and folklore live within its forests and hills, born from the Native peoples as well as the European settlers who came to mingle their destinies with that strange land. From the ancients came the works and sorcerous mysteries of the pawwaws, and from the men and women of Europe came the shunned realities of witchcraft. Between them, an ancient landscape of spirits lay dreaming. The mysteries and metaphysics of pre-modern sorcery, the nature of the interior dimension of the world that we all share, and even the hidden truths lurking on the borders of life and death are things that men and women have devoted their lives and passions to for millenia. Following the Toad Road, the path that leads below the surface of life and our world, Robin joins in that human tradition of extraordinary inquiry and creativity. At Patreon, Robin will be sharing monthly articles and essays and other items of interest regarding the life-way of sorcery, Fayerieism, and spiritual ecology. He will share behind-the-scenes insights and pre-release materials including art from forthcoming book projects.


The Blackthorne School

South America[ edit ] In South America, the shaman is a dominant figure. The type of shamanism practiced in this region has similarities with those of ethnic groups residing in Siberia and these include the process of initiation. In both of these societies, the process included marriage to a spirit spouse. This Andean religious event celebrates Pachamama , a goddess considered to be the Mother Earth. The festivity includes a ceremonial ritual, wherein participants shed blood as sacrifice and offering to the goddess in order to acquire blessing and guarantee a plentiful harvest. Shamans troop to the Tinku Festival to search for their spirit spouse.


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The first portion of the work is a sprawling, in-depth analysis of the "Fayerie Faith", the folkloric presence of the old animism and spirit-worship of ancient and pre-modern Europe, Eurasia, Britain, and Ireland. The remaining portions form a detailed modern Grimoire of practical sorcery based solely upon pre-modern principles and traditional spirit-metaphysics as they are found in the ballads and folktales of the Old World and the traditional tales and lore of witchcraft. Countless other old tales are told and analyzed for the truths and guidance they contain. An Carow Gwyn shows the Old Way of seeing and living in this world for what it truly was, where it ultimately came from, and how it still lives quietly among us. A complete philosophical treatise regarding Spiritual Ecology, and how it relates to the Old Ways, is interlaced throughout the book. Criticism of modern cultural philosophies and ideologies in light of what the Old Ways reveal, forgotten histories underlying many of our cultural stories and myths, and the hidden laws and techniques behind basic and advanced historical works of sorcery all of which are explained in exacting detail are carefully brought together in this substantial and paradigm-shifting work.

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