The evil armies have been shattered and most of the forces of good have returned to their homelands, leaving only outposts to safeguard the recovered lands. Your goal is to assemble a party of adventures to save in these border outposts. The newly created party appears at an outpost south of the former hobgoblin capital of Throtl with orders to scour the area for any sign of lingering evil. After outfitting your characters with weapons and armor, the party is ready to begin adventuring. This command displays the following menus to define the character.

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Click here for the Amiga version From a company, whose very name states they are dedicated to making strategic games comes an RPG trilogy about Krynn. All who are familiar with the advanced dungeons and dragons surely recognize this place! The first game in the trilogy is Champinos of Krynn. As an adventure campaign the game is set in a land with Dragons and Magic, both evil and good.

A small band of adventurers must stride forth and discover the reason for remaining evil in the Section of Northeast Ansalon. Rumors say that the dead evil queen Takhisis stirs. Your first objective is to discover what has happened to the Commander of the Outpost, Caramon within the Hobgoblin Fortress of Throtl. The path is treacherous and strewn with magical goodies. The Lands of Ansalon have but one mighty defense against the evil dragons, the DragonLance.

The small and curious Kender have their own weapon, a Hoopak. But the very first thing you need to do, it to create your party. You can have up to six members in your party although one is enough. First off you chose the race, gender, social status and attitude of the character. Next you decide upon the attributes the character has.

But you do get to choose the looks of the character. The characters are icons that you see while in combat mode and you can decide how they will look like actually you just get to combine some pre-prepared looks and assign colors to them. This is a fun, but fairly useless feature. It only helps you distinguish your own men easier while in combat. You can create as many characters as you want, but you can only select up to six although one is enough. I do suggest you make your party as big as possible, because it does mater in the fights if you are alone or you have some comrades to help you fight the opponents.

As with most RPGs the more points your characters have, the stronger they are! Every now and again you will need to rest. There are also other buildings in settlements and there you can buy equipment, learn, gather information, etc. All in all this is a nice RPG game that started quite a successful trilogy. Compared to some other RPG games of that time it may not be as deep, but it is therefore at least in my opinion more fun.

The game features a solid adlib sound and the graphics are nice with 16 colors EGA graphics. The game features copy protection questions. You can find the answers to them in the Journal, which is also the manual to the game.


Champions of Krynn Manual

It is not that they are bad games - I just find the plots of "Forgotten Realms" games more interesting and the gameplay more balanced. A routine scouting mission into the smoldering ruins of the town of Throtl became a desperate struggle to rescue the kidnapped Caramon and a troupe of human captives from a small squadron of Draconians. From there, the action escalates from town to town across the continent of Ansalon, as the party is led by knights, kender, enemy traitors and actual characters from the Dragonlance Chronicles in an effort to quash the attempts of evil forces to corrupt dragon eggs into armies of Draconian warriors. Champions of Krynn took the blueprint first set by Pool of Radiance a few steps further with the help of some additions specific to the Dragonlance world. Specifically, Champions featured the hoopak-wielding Kender race, the Solamnic Knight character class, and the steel-coin currency specific to Krynn.


Champions of Krynn – Guides and FAQs


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