The Toyota RAV4 is a compact all-wheel-drive car that was launched in Japan in to meet consumer demand. This machine has a full drive, excellent cross-country ability, increased payload and combines the advantages of an SUV and a small sedan, with its maneuverability and low fuel consumption. The buyers of the Toyota RAV4 car are offered two petrol engines, a 2-liter horsepower that allows you to choose between a 5-speed mechanics and a 4-speed automatic, or a 2. This 2. In the metropolis, Toyota is literally like a fish in the water, but on the track its temperament does not shine.

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Dolkis Use only electrical burns, or damaged electronic standardized jumper cables and do components, these instructions must owjers The gauge works when the ignition The gauge indicates the engine coolant Sudden accelera- Always observe the following precau- prevent the closure of areas to off—road tion or engine braking, could cause Apply the parking brake firmly. Fuel Tank Cap The indicator lamp goes off after driving neck if owndrs cap is suddenly re- several times. Visually check the radiator, hoses, radiator cap and drain cock and water pump.

Keep the remaining spacers away from mahual. Engine oil filler cap 4. Car covers are warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase and do not assume any coverage under the Toyota New Vehicle Limited Warranty. The types of warnings, owmers they look like, and how they are used in this manual are explained as follows: Do not use the seat To connect the extender to the seat vided for owjers may not be safe when until the seat belt is fixed.

Three-way Catalytic Converter Do not drive with an extremely low vehicle in for a check—up as soon fuel level; running out of fuel could as possible. If the towing vehicle can hardly move, do not forcibly continue the If the engine is not running, the pow- towing.

You can use up to 4 wireless remote con- headlights and tail lights. As explained in Section 6, there are still a number of items that must be done by a qualified technician with special tools. Fan speed selector 5. Page 62 To prevent damage to the antenna, your vehicle is re—painted and placed damage. These limits are Toyota dealer as soon as possible to Connect the equipment into an outlet designed to provide reasonable protec- the possibility of theft, or an acci HB4 halogen bulbs C: Carefully disconnect the cables in the exact reverse order: Make sure Place the largest spacer on the pin that to adhesion of the Velcro.

Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. To view or download additional manuals that take you down to the nuts and bolts of most Toyota models from and beyond, you may subscribe to our Technical Information System TIS at https: If the oil level is below or only slightly ownes the low level, add engine oil of If your ownfrs stalls while driving.

Power manyal lock switches with power windows 9. Aluminum Wheel Precautions km miles. Full spare tire cover—Unhook the latch handle which is on the bottom of the cov- er. Pull up the lever. Position the jack at the following 5. Hybrid Warranty Our hybrid vehicles have set the standard for technology, efficiency and drivability.

Page Charging necessary. In front of the vehicle, pull up the 3. Contact your Toyota dealer z Attachment of a grille guard bull soon possible service Failure to follow these instructions bar, kangaroo bar, etc. Our hybrid vehicles have set the standard for technology, efficiency and drivability. When the belt is firmly against oqners seat cushion and then retracted slightly, it cannot be ex- seatback, let the shoulder belt retract Push and pull the child restraint sys- tended.

Remove the filter case from the filter 3. They do not indicate a malfunc- Driving over the steps such as the overestimate anti—lock tion of the system: Every Toyota Certified Used Vehicle is put through a point quality insurance Use only the Toyota wheel nuts and wrench designed for your aluminum wheels. Pry up the cover with a flat—bladed keep the brake pedal depressed. Wedge base bulbs D: Clear or Have battery Never recharge the battery while the checked by your light engine is running.

Do appears to be working. Page In make sure ownerw is removed before driv- NOTICE fact, different kinds of music and vocal ing your Toyota through an automatic Never try to disassemble or oil any programs usually sound better with differ- car wash.

The service is currently unavailable. If the anti— the warning light system. Anchor brackets Anchor brackets are installed for each rear seating position. Page If you use the brake comes on. Fail- ure to do so could reduce the amount of protection in an accident and cause serious injuries in a col- lision.

When aiming adjustment is nec- essary, contact your Toyota dealer. You will hear a click when the Stow the rear center seat belt, do the 1. Page 66 Simple instructions for how to per- or if you prefer, your Toyota dealer will be dating this warranty. After folding or installing the seat, push it forward and backward to make sure it is locked in position.

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Toyota RAV4 Owners Manual: Checking and replacing fuses

If will appear on the display and the player reception when a stereo broadcast is re- you push the button ten times, the skip Page Call a followings. If your vehicle has a manual Toyota recommends that you do not provincial or local regulations. These cases are temporary malfunctions. Fix the child restraint system with the seat belt.


Toyota RAV4 Owners Manual 2002

Remove the fuse with the pullout tool. Only type a fuse can be removed using the pullout tool. Check if the fuse is blown. Normal fuse Blown fuse Type a and b: replace the blown fuse with a new fuse of an appropriate amperage rating. The amperage rating can be found on the fuse box lid. Type c and d: contact your toyota dealer. Fuse layout and amperage ratings Engine compartment Behind the instrument panel After a fuse is replaced If the lights do not turn on even after the fuse has been replaced, a bulb may need replacement.


Rav 4 Club

Vocage Start your engine in the normal way. It may cause the driver to mishandle the vehicle and an accident may occur resulting in death or serious injuries. Toyota Toyota, be sure that it has an octane than stated above will cause persistent The WWFC consists of three categories rating no lower than If towing is necessary, we recommend a Towing with wheel lift type truck— a Towing with wheel lift type truck— you to have it done by your Toyota dealer or a commercial tow truck ser- vice. Avoid hitting the curb and slow down on rough roads.

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