They were very devout and in deep love for each other. After several years of married life, Madhavan felt that it was time for them to renounce worldly pleasures and turn entirely to spiritual ways. Leela did not agree to the proposal. The dispute led to a hot arguement.

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They were very devout and in deep love for each other. After several years of married life, Madhavan felt that it was time for them to renounce worldly pleasures and turn entirely to spiritual ways. Leela did not agree to the proposal. The dispute led to a hot arguement. Finally Madhava cursed her to become a she buffelo with devilish disposal. Leela was reborn as Mahishi, daughter of Karamba, brother of Ramban.

Mahishasura, Son of Ramban, undertook a severe penance Dhavam towards God. Lord Brahma tried every tactics to stop his Dhavam, but having failed in his attempts, appeared before the Asura and asked him what boon he wanted, from him. Mahishasura asked Lord Brahma to give him a boon by which nobody in the earth would be able to kill him, and Lord Brahma conferred the Boon on him.

Mahishasura, armed with this boon, began to commit atrocities and murders on the earth and terrorized people. Fearing his wrath, people ran away to far away places.

The Devas,seeing the atrocities committed by Mahishasura came to the conclusion that only a divine power could kill him and approached Chandikadevi pleading to put an end to Mahishasura who was misusing the boon given by Lord Brahma. Chandikadevi set out on her mission and killed Mahishasura in a duel, on the earth. Mahishi, daughter of Karamba, brother of Ramban undertook a severe penance towards god in order to take revenge on the Devas, who were responsible for the death of her brother.

Lord Brahma appeared and offered to confer on Mahishi any boon except that of immortality. Mahishi asked Lord Brahma to bless her with a boon by which nobody, except the son created out of the union of Hari and Haran , Vishnu and Siva would be able to kill her.

Lord Brahma gave the boon and Mahishi went to Devaloka and started harassing the Devas. Meanwhile, the asura Basmasura had so pleased lord Shiva with his austerities that Shiva gave him a boon of anything he wished. So Basmasura asked for the ability to burn to ashes anything which he placed his hand over.

No sooner had Shiva granted this, than Basmasura ran after the god, threatening to turn him to ashes. Shiva called to lord Vishnu for help. He hid himself in a certain tree as Basmasura ran here and there searching for the god. When Basmasura saw Vishnu in this form, he was bewitched by her beauty. He earnestly tried to court her. So Vishnu instructed Basmasura to hold his hand over his head, and vow fidelity.

With this act, Basmasura was reduced to ashes. Vishnu found Shiva and explained the whole affair to him. Shiva asked if he too could see Vishnu in this female form. He came to be known as Shastha. His Subjects were worried. If there is no heir to the throne what will become of them when their king dies. People wished he was blessed with a son.

A Son, as pious and generous as him. His ambitious Diwan Prime Minister however was happy as long as no heir to the throne When King Rajashekara dies the kingdom will certainly become his. The King and The Queen they themselves were in a world of grief coz of not having any little on e to love and take care of.

While the Queen who was a staunch Lord Vishnu devotee prayed to him. One day King Rajasekara went for hunting in the forest adjoining the banks of river Pamba, along with his men. He started hunting courageously in the dense forest which was a sanctuary for many wild animals. After the hunting was over, King Rajasekara advised his men to take rest and sat there entertaining himself with the sight of the natural greenish beauty and the water-falls of the forest.

At that time, he heard a child crying from somewhere in the forest. Surprised, he went round and reached the banks of River Pampa. There he saw a beautiful and brightly-lit child kicking its legs and crying out, and was in a dilemma whether to take the child to that Palace or leave it there itself.

While the King was engrossed in his thoughts, a Sanyasi hermit appeared before him and told the King that he need not be afraid of the child and to take him to the Palace and that the child belonged to Kshatriya dynasty capable of mitigating all sufferings. The Sanyasi further stated that since the Child had a gold chain around his neck, he shall be called Manikanda and when the child completed twelve years, the King would know his divine history.

After uttering these words , the Sanyasi disappeared. The child was none other than the same one born to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. The Sanyasi was none other that Lord Shiva himself. King Rajashekhara took Manikandan home to his queen. Her joy knew no bounds. The mother in her was born. The People were happy. They celebrated the arrival of Manikandan.

Manikandan soon grew up into a strong young lad. He was placed under the guidance of an excellent Guru and soon mastered all there was to learn. Guru knew that Maikandan was not an ordinary child. After completing his education under the Guru, Manikanda went to his Guru for his Ashirwathams, the Guru told him that he already knew that he was a divine power and he was blessed for having been given an opportunity to have Manikandan as a student.

The Guru further told Manikandan that he had one request to make and that was that his only son who was blind and dumb should be given vision and speech.

Manikandan told the Guru not to reveal this to anyone and went to the Palace. Manikandan performed many much miracles. The subjects were happy to have such a prince, who would be their next king. Manikandan once even defeated an Arab pirate who had come to make salves of people.

He not only defeated the pirate but made him understand the wrong doings he had done and made him his friend. The name of the Arab is Vavar. This shows how Manikandan did not believe in religion as a barrier. Vavar and Manikandan grew into very good friends.

The People were feeling secure on seeing Manikandan. They regarded Manikandan as their future King. This was getting the Diwan really worried. He needed to get rid of the young boy.

In the meanwhile, the Queen gave birth to a male child and the child was named Raja Rajan. King Rajasekara, impressed with the talents of Manikandan, decided to crown him, treating him as his eldest son. He ordered the Diwan to make arrangements for the same. The Diwan hated this and started devising plans to prevent Manikandan from being crowned to the throne and to annihilate him. He tried various methods including poisoning of food, but failed in all these.

Having failed in all his attempts to kill Manikandan, the Diwan approached the Queen and told her that she had her own son, it was not correct to crown a person who came from the forest.

The Queen, as told by the Diwan, cried out loudly that she was suffering from severe headache and the King, believing this, called the Diwan to bring in the best physicians to treat her.

The King sent several of his men to the forest for bringing this milk. The King understood that it was an impossible task and wanted his dear Queen to be cured at any cost and offered half of his Kingdom to anybody who brought the Milk. When the King was thinking about this, Manikandan asked him to let him go to the forest promising to bring the milk.

However, the King told him that he was awaiting to be crowned to the throne that he was also not of age and hence refused to let him go. Manikandan told the King inspite of his refusal, he had to go lest he would be cursed for not curing the Queen.

Since the King persisted in his refusal Manikandan wanted the King to promise to do something he wanted. The King gave the promise and asked him what he wanted and immediately Manikandan asked the king to permit to go to the Forest. The King felt disappointed that he had been tricked and with no other alternative permitted Manikandan to go to the forest.

King Rajasekara made arrangements to send a group of his loyal men along with Manikandan, which however was refused by Manikandan on the ground that the tigress might run away seeing the crowd of soldiers. King Rajasekara sent alongwith Manikandan necessary foodstuffs and coconuts with three-eyes, in remembrance of Lord Shiva.

Manikandan set to the forest. As he wandered deeper and deeper into it he came to the domain of Mahishi who lived in that forest of Erumeli. Mahishi attacked Manikandan. They had an immense fight on the banks of river Azutha. Lord Shiva came down to earth on his Ox and tied in near a tree near Azutha now known as Kalaketi.

From there he witnessed his son fighting the evil Mahishi. A Fierce Battle ensued. Manikandan got hold of the horns of the Demoness Mahishi and threw her across the banks of the river Azutha on Azutha Mala. She fell dead. Manikandan picked a stone from the river and placed it on her body.

From the Body of Mahishi came a beautiful lady Maalikapurathu Amma. The Lady was actually cursed to become Mahishi. She thanked Manaikandan for relieve her from the curse.


Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa

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