Early life[ edit ] Kishore Biyani comes from a family that has been involved in business since the time of his grandfather, who opened a clothes shop in what was then called Bombay after moving there from the village of Nimbi Jodha in Rajasthan. He has said that "I spent the better part of the day outside college with friends, wandering around new places and understanding and interpreting the real world. It was around this time, in November , that he married Sangita Rathi and also made his first venture into business on his own account, commissioning the manufacture of some fashionable fabric for sale to garment manufacturers. He progressed to selling his own brand of clothing fabric and then to manufacturing trousers using it, which in turn led to the launch of his Manz Wear garment manufacturing business in

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Tukus Just a moment while nook sign you in to your Kishor account. Born in a middle class trading family, Kishore Biyani started his career selling stonewash fabric to small shops in Mumbai. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It epitomizes the problems faced by him trying to adventure out of his family business to try something new and the hardships faced overcoming which taught him many a lesson. Later in the book he talks about Design thinking to keep ahead of the competition and how Kishord thinking will play an important role in biywni.

InBooi floated 60 per cent of his business on the Indian stock market to raise funds for expansion, store improvements and marketing. Its a kind of autobiography and story of organisation as well. Employees are allowed to make mistakes and also to learn from them. Kishore Biyani is an Indian businessman. Feb 08, Pradeep Thakur added it. Kishore Biyani with first hand narratives from his family, friends and colleagues which is amazing.

Sep 28, Manish Sehgal rated it really liked it. Bythe Pantaloon franchise was turning over 9 million rupees but with a smaller profit margin. From building shopping malls, developing consumer brands to selling insurance, he is getting into every consumer business.

He was running the largest retailer in the country and was named as retailer of the year by the National Retail Federation bpok, which at one earlier point had refused even to admit him. These stores were designed deliberately to appear somewhat chaotic, like the traditional bazaars biysni which his customers were familiar. This will kishpre time and keep them ahead of the rivals. Kishorji had tremendous faith in himself as well in people working with him. He appointed a cousin, Rakesh Biyanimore methodical and patient than himself, to take over his responsibility for the retail business and in particular to resolve issues with the poor supply chain and internal distribution logistics that had resulted from rapid expansion.

Dec 13, Shantanu rated it really liked it. Kishor Biyani correctly guessed the need of Indian consumers. In the book Kishore Biyani and Dipayan Baishya have elaborated the genesis and development of the Kishre bazaar, Pantaloons and Central must have attracted every Indian consumer through its product diversity and competitive pricing. Setup and progress of Biyani group. He believed in giving the liberty to take decision to people who are working with him. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Jul 25, Dharmesh rated it really liked it. The detailed descriptions on management principles and functional aspects appear more of a text book kind of reading. First and kishpre, he understood the people before trying to sell the goods to them. And essentially, byiani such company took some unconventional steps and went through a lot of transformations. Kishore Biyani — Wikipedia This book gives an insight into how an average Indian shops, how indian business work, and how to take ideas from ones immediate environment to build something which suits or caters to the needs of the majority.

The chapter on design thinking was a refreshing idea for me and it was good to know that Future group is implementing lot of it.

Goosebumps event of Big Bazaar and progress. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. TOP Related Posts.


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