Questa sedia Connubia ha la seduta in tecnopolimero e una struttura a quattro gambe in legno di rovere naturale, bianco ottico o legno di frassino naturale o scuro. La sedia Robinson di Connubia Calligaris, realizzata sempre in legno di faggio, ha invece lo schienale ovale, caratteristica che la rende moderna ed elegante pur restando minimal e semplice. Per il giardino, il balcone o il terrazzo scegli invece una sedia da esterni come Gamera, realizzata interamente in nylon e resistente ai raggi UV, impilabile e molto leggera. Grazie al suo look minimal, la sedia Jelly aggiunge quel tocco nordico indispensabile in una casa moderna.

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Standing apart for the contrast between the sleek metal structure and the generously padded seat shell, this exquisite tub chair can be customized with different finishes in a wide assortment of colour variations.

HORIZON is enriched by a glass or ceramic top shelf and elegant cylindrical metal base with interchangeable end caps Find the combination that brings your space to life! Ceramic or mirror and wood inserts for the top, enrich the simple shape of the BAM coffee table, giving a special charm to the project. There are 3 available sizes, two with round and one with oval top.

The frame is available only in open pore matt black lacquered ash wood, while for the top it is possible to choose from different finishes, but always with the combination of two different materials.

The end result is a multi-level design that repeats, in a distinctly graphic way, the oriental decorative structure based on the central medallion. SURFACE features a curved frame, mirrored on the outer side and satin finished on the inner side, available both with the grey and bronze mirror. A ceramic table clock with a quartz mechanism and a soft silhouette - reminiscent of pop culture in comics - it creates an unexpected contrast with the sophistication of its ceramics.

With a breezy light-hearted design, it has hands in a bright brass finish which gleam against the creamy-hemp, smoke-grey or oxide-red body. Explore the new My Home magazine, full of inspiration and ideas to furnish the beautiful, contemporary home of your dreams.


Calligaris Catalogo 2011: il design a casa vostra



Catalogue Fin de Série Calligaris


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