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I hope everyone had nice holidays. We certainly did. We spent two weeks in Japan and it was just amazing. Apart from the recent emergency trip in November, our last visit was in My mother was still well so that we traveled Kyoto and Osaka together. It is a shame that she is in hospital now and probably, she will never get to travel with us again. However, I was determined to enjoy this trip and had planned many things to do during the stay. First, we visited Tokyo. Father-in-law had gotten us to stay in a nice hotel with a fantastic view of the Skytree.

One of the exciting event in Tokyo was visiting Nihon Vogue-sha, one of the leading craft book and magazine publishers in Japan.

I always wanted to get in contact with Japanese publishers. I was delighted when I received a message inviting me to visit them. Interestingly, the editor I met was a man who is a keen knitter himself.

I know there are many male knitters out there, but never had have seen one in person. I had brought all my book titles and many issues of knitting magazines. I also gave him one of my little knitted work. This little cat. We talked about knitting and crochet extensively and that was such a joy. Time flew by very quickly. He gave me a couple of knitting books and the latest copy of their magazine which is full of beautiful designs.

Among many interesting articles, I found this one. It features crochet beaded handbag. The article is about how these bags are made with many hours of effort and are treasured by many, quite often handed down from a generation to a generation. What a coincidence! I thought, because I was just given a crochet bag from my mother a few days previously.

This bag was made especially for my mother as a wedding gift. It means it was made fifty odd years ago! It is beaded and crocheted. I cannot fathom how many hours are spent to create this. It is a handbag to go with a Japanese Kimono. Although my mother is very well aware that I do not own a single set of Kimono, she thought I would appreciate it since I am a creator myself. I am very honoured. Mum thinks her life is approaching toward the end. She has given me all her precious jewelries over the last few years.

I used to get upset and became teary every time she did this, but somehow, I learned to accept them with a smile. I will certainly treasure this beaded bag.


Keito dama

Comment on our website Email our CEO. Low to High Price: It also offers stories of fun life of stitchinginterviews with popular embroidery artistsreports from abroad kekto, and mail-order items. High to Low Availability Leito. They are sold at bookstores and craft supply stores all over Japan as well as online. Watashino Hana Seikatsu is all for pressed flower loversfull of seasonal pressed flower works and trendy pressed flower craft information.


Keito Dama - №182 2019

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Keito Dama


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