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Shelves: e-books , mm-mmm-a-few-mmf-too , zstar-reads Damian is a photographic artist with a taste for the kinkier side of artistic life.

He is a Top but has not indulged in that part of his life for several years. Nick is a struggling last year art student. He is looking for something but truly has no idea that he is looking or that he needs anything.

For that matter, Damian is also looking for something and doesnt realize it. Nick becomes the assistant to Damian and their two lives collide. Damian is photographing products for his friend Ashleys Damian is a photographic artist with a taste for the kinkier side of artistic life. He is a visual artist determined to make each shot perfect. No boring pictures for him.

Nick is about to make some startling revelations of his own that will begin his journey. Up to this point he has been about the girls. He is stunned by his attraction to Damian and his equally strong reaction to a quick, mostly innocent, spank. With some push from Ashley, the two begin to delve deeper into a relationship. Damian is reluctant to become too attached to someone he perceives as too young and likely to move on after a little initiation into their world.

The book spends some time on the descriptions of the photos and the models. The writing describing the whole process of showing each product to its best advantage and use was very well done. I could really see the pictures in my mind and wanted that catalog when I was finished reading.

It would have been magnificent. The cover art for this book is unbelievably appropriate. It could easily have been a photo that Damian took of Nick.

Damian finds that Nick has good artistic vision and fits well into his life. He is able to help make his visions come true both in the photos and on his spanking table. This is the one area that the book did not do justice. He is a sculptor but we never see him create anything. I would have liked to have seen more of this side of Nick besides a quick two paragraphs in the epilogue. Damian and Ashley are both Tops with their own talents and we get to see those talents. From Damian we experience it with Nick.

With Ashley we see the results with his boy s and his wisdom and understanding with Damian. There is also another sub-character couple that is more extreme than Damian and Nick. Their interactions are quite violent and lead to very interesting introspection for Nick. Okay, so now for the sex scenes. If you are at all squeamish about the more physical side of the BDSM scene, this book may not be for you.

There is a lot of very well written erotic play and toy usage. This encompasses spanking, whipping, paddling, slings, cuffs, clamps, cages, canes, collars, leashes, beads, spreaders, leather, etc. Sometimes they are just being modeled and photographed and that is still off the charts hot in this book. Sometimes they are in full use between Damian and Nick. Clearly I do not have a problem with any of these things because half way through this book I needed a fire extinguisher.

At the end, my body temperature was contributing to global warming. I strongly felt the connection between Damian and Nick. I loved that Nick uses his safe word. That is pretty rare in these types of stories. Damian also respects that use without any guilt or recriminations. I loved that Nick did not just love everything Damian suggest or demanded. I am very glad I pushed this book to the top of my TBR pile.

It is a keeper for me. Not one I would recommend to just anyone, but one I will pull out and re-read which is very rare for me.


Una Mano Fuerte Catt Ford



Una mano fuerte – Catt Ford



A Strong Hand


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