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The device has good amplifying factor and also the gain is almost linear making 2N one of best solution for power amplifiers. How to use 2N Transistor As mentioned earlier the 2N can be used for any NPN transistor applications but for understanding the functioning of device let us consider a simple application circuit as shown below. Here we are going to use 2N as a simple switching device to drive a motor and is in common emitter configuration. As show in circuit we are using a motor as the load and the gate signal for turning ON the transistor is provided by 5V source with button being the triggering device.

The trigger source and power source must share a common ground for the circuit to work. Under initial conditions the button will be open and no current flows through the base of transistor. With no base current the transistor acts as open circuit and the entire supply voltage V1 will appears across it. When the button is pressed at certain time, the voltage V2 forms a closed loop with base-emitter of transistor as can be seen in circuit diagram.

With this closed loop a current flows through base of transistor and with base current flow the transistor gets turned ON. Having transistor acting as short circuit in ON state there will be collector current which flows through motor making it rotate. This motor will keep rotating until there will be base current. After a certain time when the button is released the base current becomes zero and the transistor gets turned OFF.

With transistor going to high resistance state in OFF mode, the collector current also becomes zero bringing motor to stop. The way of controlling power motor via simple push button realizes the use 2N as a switching device and in the same way we can use 2N in other transistor circuits.

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TIP110 Bipolar Transistor

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