A simple story, engagingly told, The Precious Present does more than capture the heart- it is a valuable gift for anyone seeking a deeper level of fulfillment and personal happiness. In the tradition of The Prophet, this profound tale has taught hundreds of thousands of readers how to be happy with themselves and their lives. Now redesigned with original woodcut illustrations and two-color interiors. Yet, if you have already check this out publication and you really are able to produce their findings well expect you to spend time to exit an assessment on our website we are able to distribute both equally negative and positive critiques.

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Spencer Johnson Once there was a boy. Who listened to an old man. And, thus, he began to learn about The Precious Present. And the old man smiled. He liked to watch the little boy play. The boy was happy. And it was a joy to see. The old man also liked to watch the boy work. He even rose early on Saturday mornings to watch the little laborer mow the lawn across the street.

The boy actually whistled while he worked. The little child was happy no matter what he was doing. It was, indeed, a joy to behold. When he thought about what the old man had said, the boy thought he understood. He knew about presents. Like the bicycle he got for his birthday and the gifts he found under the tree on Christmas morning.

But as the boy thought more about it, he knew. The joy of toys never lasts forever. The boy began to feel uneasy. What could possibly make me happy forever? And so he returned to ask the old man. One that I might put on my finger and make all my wishes come true? He went to the old man. But he was uncomfortable. He began to see that he was not achieving what he wanted.

Perhaps rare gold coins buried by pirates long ago? The richness is rare, indeed, but the wealth of the Present comes only from itself. Then he became annoyed. I never got such a gift as a child. You already know where to find it. And you already know how it can make you happy. You knew it best when you were a small child.

You simply have forgotten. But as time passed, he became frustrated, and finally angry. He eventually confronted the old man. No one does. Only you have the power to make yourself happy. Only you. He resolved to find the Precious Present himself. And so he packed his bags. He left where he was.

And went elsewhere. To look for the Precious Present. After many frustrating years, the man grew tired of looking for the Precious Present. He had read all the latest books. And he had looked in The Wall Street Journal. He had looked into the mirror. And into the faces of other people. He had wanted so much to find the Precious Present. He had gone to extraordinary lengths. He had looked for it at the tops of mountains and in cold dark caves.

He had searched for it in dense, humid jungles. And underneath the seas. But it was all to no avail. His stressful search had exhausted him. He even became ill occasionally. But he did not know why. The old man was happy to see him. They often laughed out loud together. The young man liked to be with the old man. He felt happy in his presence. He guessed that this was because the old man felt happy with himself. He seemed to be alone most of the time.

In fact, there was no apparent reason why he was so much happier and healthier than most people were. But happy he was. And so were those who spent time with him. After many years, the once-young man returned to inquire further. He was now very unhappy and often ill. He needed to talk with the old man. But the old man had grown very, very old. And, all too soon, he spoke no more. The wise voice could no longer be heard. The man was alone.

At first, he was saddened by the loss of his old friend. And then he became frightened. Very frightened. He was afraid that he would never learn how to be happy. He was the only one who could find his own happiness.

The unhappy man recalled what the happy old man had told him so many years ago. The unhappy man was now tired of looking for the Precious Present. He had grown so tired of trying that he simply stopped trying. And then, it happened! It just. In an instant the man was happy. He realized that he was in the Precious Present.

He raised both hands triumphantly into the cool, fresh air. He was joyous--for one moment. But then, just as quickly as he had discovered it, he let the joy of the present moment evaporate. He slowly lowered his hands, touched his forehead, and frowned. The man was unhappy--again. Why have I missed so many precious moments? He had not experienced what each special time and place had to offer. He had missed a great deal. And he felt sad. The man continued to berate himself.

And then he saw what he was doing. He observed that he was trapped by his guilt about his past. When he became aware of his unhappiness and of his being in the past, he returned to the present moment. And he was happy. But then the man began to worry about the future.


The Precious Present by Spencer Johnson - PDF free download eBook

Spencer Johnson Once there was a boy. Who listened to an old man. And, thus, he began to learn about The Precious Present. And the old man smiled. He liked to watch the little boy play.


The Precious Present


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