Yes, Eclipse. The purpose of SpringSource Tool Suite is make easier our development work in building Spring-powered enterprise applications. Consider this simple but detailed tutorial to be used like a basis for other advanced tutorials. In this tutorial you are going to learn how get and install SpringSource Tool Suite. The last or current version available while I am writing this tutorial is 2. Therefore I going to select springsource-tool-suite

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That suite is packaged with the Groovy-Eclipse plugin for syntax highlighting and auto completion of Groovy code, and robust support for Grails artifacts.

See Grails introduction that shows you the installation process. Start the installation of the executable file by double clicking on it. Click next and accept the listed terms and terms. Then Click next. Inside the packs window, just click next. We will use JDK 1. Click next. Click next and setup shortcut and click next and finally finish for launching the suite.

Setting up your workspace and click okay. Follow the below steps for creating the project. Right click into the Project Explorer scope and choose New. Type into the project name and configure Grails installation.

You may be asked for enabling the Grails view perspective, if you would like that, just accept by clicking yes. Click next and finish. Wait for installation to be finished. Configure Workspace settings by clicking into the project created. Your project should be compiled successfully and no issues should be reported.

The process of controller creation is very simple by using the suite; the suite provide you a simple wizard for that. Right click and select New — Controller. Click on Finish button. Wait while the suite has started creating the controller you want as you can note in the suite console. Once the creation process finished, the controller will be displayed into your Workspace.

Follow the below steps for creating your first view. From the Project menu — Clean. Right click on the project, Run As — Grails Command run-app. Wait in the console until it provides you the application URL. Click on it for seeing your Grails main page. You should find out your controllers listed within the available controllers. Click on your HelloWorldController. Summary This tutorial is detailed one for how could you leverage Grails platform to be used through one of the most standardized IDE.

Also, you will be able of define all what you want from Grails resources like controllers, views and others. If you have any questions, please write it in the comments section. Related posts:.


Spring MVC beginner tutorial with Spring Tool Suite IDE

Web MVC framework. For example, the project is going to be created including all the mandatory Maven dependencies, of course, it depends of the Spring Project type chosen, furthermore, including some basic configuration settings and Java code. Note: In many of the follow images you are going to realize that many of them has been captured on Windows. It is due that Linux cant capture some desired screens and futhermore I am including some detailed instructions for your favor. Startup your SpringSource Tool Suite 2. Below an image which show all the rest of the Templates available. In the same image you can see the description of the green row, which means requires downloading.


Spring MVC Tutorial

Getting Started with Cloud Foundry for Java and Spring Developers 16 November I received the following very awesome e-mail the other day: Josh- I have been watching a couple of your videos on YouTube, and I have some questions that are decidedly remedial, which I recognize, but i am also having trouble getting answer to them. I am not a developer - I have managed a bunch of Wordpress sites, and have built sites with Dreamweaver, leveraging CSS and basic functionality. I understand the basics of HTML web development, and have even built a. NET application using Visual Studio. But I am not a developer - you could call me a hobbyist and have some nominal experience around building websites using HTML and Dreamweaver. However, I am running into more and more situations where knowing how to write real web applications will be beneficial I have installed the latest rev of STS, signed up for CloudFoundry, even configured the micro cloud on my macbook


Introduction to Groovy / Grails Tool Suite (GGTS)

I would use STS for Spring MVC tutorial and other future tutorials because it makes a developer life easier by providing the following features: Support for creating skeletal Spring applications MVC, Rest, Batch etc , good for starting the project from scratch. Provides useful features such as creating Spring Configuration files, parsing config files and classes to provide useful information about them. Automatic validation of Spring application Refactoring support to easily make project changes, the changes get reflected in config files too. Code assist for not only classes but configuration files too, I like this feature a lot because most of the times we need to know what we can use and its details.

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