Edge wear and corner bumps. Clean, tight pages and binding. Brown on Sep 30, This book has useful information for learning material that you will need to know in the classroom on on your boards. That said, this book is riddled with errors. You have to be careful what you read, because there are typos on nearly every page. The questions at the end of each chapter are moderately useful in asking about what you just read.

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Giant vignette about disease X…blah, blah, blah…BAM! The patient has a posterior fibular head. Is the foot inverted or everted? This question type is annoying in that the huge amount of time you spent reading the vignette above had nothing to do with the question they ask you.

Another way this presents is a giant vignette after which they tell you the diagnosis and then ask where you might find a viscerosomatic reflex associated with that particular disease. My advice: read the answer choices first before you read the vignette to get an idea of what they are asking you for. If they sound OMM-ish, read the last sentence of the question before wasting your time brooding over the rest if the vignette. A short vignette and a straightforward OMM-centric question.

These are commonly sacrum or innominate questions. These mostly can be ignored. Most of the time reading through the sidebent whatever, rotated whatever, flexed whatever… is a waste of time. If you look at the answer choices before you read the vignette, you know that the question is not asking about OMM and the OMM findings in the vignette are usually irrelevant. While there are more topics to know, here is a list of some of the most high yield ones: Cranial: COMLEX loves cranial because it is easily testable and there is little controversy of what is taught at different schools about flexion, extension, and strain patterns.

Rib Motion: There is some disagreement between which ribs are bucket handle vs. T for everything that has blood supply from the celiac trunk you should be fine. Counterstain: Know common point locations and treatment. This is a great resource for visual learners. There will be times when you get a question you have no idea about, but they are few and far between. Know the high yield topics, use Saverese, and you will be golden.


OMT Review



OMT Review 3rd Edition


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