Ultimul update la 19 noiembrie De Cristian Cismaru 16 comentarii Salut prieteni, in tutorialul video de azi va voi prezenta AxCrypt, un program cu ajutorul caruia putem cripta parola orice fisier, document sau folder pentru siguranta maxima. AxCrypt este un program extrem de simplu si asta nu este neaparat ceva rau, cand programul este scris cum trebuie, deoarece orice utilizator poate intelege modul de functionare si poate cripta rapid orice fisier, fara sa-si bata capul cu setari si termeni de specialitate. Pe site-ul oficial putem gasi chiar si-o versiune portabila, asta pe langa installer-ul clasic, bineinteles ambele sunt gratuite. Varianta portabila poate fi folosit in tandem cu un stick usb, astfel putem avea programul cu noi oriunde pe orice computer la care avem acces. Decat cei care au cheia un fisier text pot deschide arhiva criptata. Hackerii amatori isi pot lua adio… Avem trei metode de criptare: 1.

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MoneroPay Ransomware decrypting tool Explanation on ransomware families and tools for decryption As you may have noticed, some of these ransomware decryption tools work for multiple ransomware families, while certain strains have more than one solution although this is rarely the case. From a practical perspective, some of the decryptors are easy to use, but some require some technical know-how.

It would take an army of cyber security specialists working around the clock to get something like this done. Click To Tweet How to avoid ransomware in the future One of the most efficient ways to prevent the threat of ransomware from wreaking havoc and locking your sensitive data is to remain vigilant and be proactive. In fact, we strongly recommend you to apply these basic and simple steps we outlined in the anti-ransomware security plan , that can help you prevent this type of cyber attack.

Even if cyber criminals get access to your computers and infect them with malware, you can just wipe the system clean and restore your latest backup. No money lost and, most importantly, no important information compromised! So, please, do not postpone the process of doind a backup of your data. Not tomorrow, not this weekend, not next week.

Do it NOW! Also, it helps raising awareness on this topic and share the basics of proactive protection with your friends and family, because it could prevent them from being a ransomware victim. As new types of ransomware emerge, researchers decrypt some strains , but others get new variants, and it may look like a cat and mouse game, in which proactivity is vital.

Quick checklist for ransomware protection Following this actionable protection guide will help both Internet users and organizations to better prevent ransomware attacks causing so much damage. Take the time to read this actionable checklist in which you can learn more about enhancing your online protection. This article was originally published by Andra Zaharia on October 5th, and was updated by Ioana Rijnetu in March


AxCrypt- program pentru criptarea si decriptarea fisierelor din Windows



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