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A simple function generator circuit using LM is known here. LM is a dual general purpose operational amplifier. The two opamps inside LM has a common bias network, power supply line and are independent of each other in operation. The LM does not require an external frequency compensation circuit and has built in short circuit protection. Lm has a wide supply voltage range and it is available in 8 pin mini DIP package.

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I hope you all will be absolutely fine and having fun. Lm is basically a general purpose dual Operational Amplifier Op-amp i. The internal amplifiers has both common power supply as well as common biased network. This is done so that their operation remains dependent on each other.

If the power supply and biasing is not common then they will be totally independent. LM is a device which is protected from short circuit and it requires no external components for the frequency compensation. LM is considered to be and ideal amplifier for voltage followers. This is due to its latch-up free operation and high common mode voltage range. LM has amazing features like short circuit protection, low power consumption etc. Lm has several different real life applications e.

The further details about LM will be given later in this tutorial. Its has two builtin amplifiers having common power supply as well as common mode voltage. This condition is to make both of the amplifiers dependent on each other.

LM has several amazing features. For example, low power consumption, lath-up free operation, short circuit protection etc. LM is shown in the figure given below. LM Pins LM has eight 8 pins total, having separate individual function. All of the eight pins are given in the table shown below in a periodic manner.

LM Pinout Pinout representation displays the configuration of all the pins, moreover it helps users for their better understanding.

LM pinout diagram is shown in the figure given below. LM Packages LM has two different types of packages e. I have provided both of these packages in the table shown below.

LM Symbolic Representation The symbol or a symbolic representation of a device shows the internal structure of that device.

LM symbolic representation is shown in the figure given below. LM Schematic Diagram This diagram presents internal logic followed by a particular device. LM schematic diagram is shown in the figure given below. LM Ratings Rating is a feature of a device which tell the amount of voltage, current and power required for its normal operations under normal conditions.

LM ratings are given in detail in the table shown below. LM Electrical Characteristics Several different electrical characteristics are associated with each of the deice which may vary from one device to another. LM electrical characteristics are provided in the table shown below.

LM Features The basic and primary method to identify a device for a special purpose is to identify it from its features. LM Applications LM has several different real life applications, some of the are given below.

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Simple function generator circuit






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