DVB-S2 is the latest advance in transmission technique from the Digital Video Broadcasting Project industry consortium and features a variety of technology enhancements over the current DVB-S standard. The new standard is designed to cut the cost-per-bit to transmit data by satellite by providing more efficient use of satellite transponders. ViaSat has a full line of VSAT products for data and voice applications, and is a market leader in Ka-band satellite systems, from user terminals to large gateways. The new S2 Broadband VSAT System combines broadband access and a high-speed return channel to satisfy bandwidth-intensive applications using IP data over any fixed satellite.

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Oh, and you need to find your own models, too! But apart from that, the product range includes anything from studio flashes and continuous lighting to camera accessories, backgrounds, light stands and much, much more! Studio Flashes Our studio flashes range from entry-level flashes to professional studio flashes designed for expert photographers.

Our entry-level flash units offer excellent build quality at an unbeatable price. Perfect for a starting photographer to start out with! The professional product line comprises multiple series from compact,portable flash heads to powerful studio flash units up to Ws. Studio Flash Kits A quick start in the world of studio photography! These kits offer everything you need to start taking breathtaking, studio-quality pictures right away.

Most sets consist of two or three flashes which is an excellent basis for your studio and offers the right lighting for most situations.

They come with either soft boxes, flash umbrellas or a combination. These are excellent tools for a soft and even lighting, just what you need for beautiful portrait, model, glamour or fashion shoots. Studio Flash Accessories Linkstar has as wide range of accessories for studio flashes.

Does your light need softening for a portrait shooting? Would you like more directional control of the light? Or do you want to trigger the flash units with a wireless trigger set? Just take a look at our flash accessories. Over 25 different soft boxes, more than 15 umbrellas and tons of other lighting accessories like reflectors, grids and beauty dishes are at your disposal.

And best of all: most of these accessories have an exchangeable adapter ring. By removing this ring from your Linkstar softbox, and refitting it with one of our optional adapter rings designed for over 15 other brands, you can use your Linkstar soft box, beauty dish or conical snoot on brands like Broncolor, Hensel, Richter, Multiblitz, Falcon Eyes, Profoto and Elinchrom!

The bright, white natural light K light temperature has a neutral daylight color which means that you can use any camera on automatic settings. What you see is what you get! Linkstar has daylight kits and separate parts to create the studio light just the way you want it. They range from entry-level units for product shooting from powerful fluorescent daylight lamps for large video studios. The latest in lighting is the energy-efficient line of LED lighting equipment.

The neutral, K light is perfect for all photo and video purposed. They are very compact, the light output control is stepless and these lamps produce very little heat. Be sure to check them out! Studio Backgrounds It takes more than lighting to produce a professional studio photo. You will also need a proper background! Whether you are looking for paper roll backgrounds, background cloth or collapsible backgrounds, with Linkstar you are at the right address. Paper rolls are available in 1.

Linkstar has many light stands from as low as 1. For hair light or background lighting you can also use a light boom set. Reflectors are also invaluable in the photo studio. If you want to create a mobile studio, you can use on of our many photo studio transport solutions.

Linkstar offers cases and bags in many sizes and shapes. If you want to create your own professional product photos, these tools are invaluable. Combined with flash units or daylight lamps, you can easily create beautiful product photos yourself and save on costs. These photos can immediately be used in your webshop. Linkstar offers photo tents, light sheds, mini studios, shooting tables and much more.

Using a photo tent or light shed means an even lighting on your product, so reflections are minimal and shadows are reduces to zero. With a shooting table, you can use soft boxes or umbrellas on your lighting equipment, along with lighting underneath the table. This lights up the table surface to eliminate shadows.

Last but not least: Linkstar has a lot of camera accessories, like infrared triggers, hotshoes, slave sensors and much more for connection your camera with various flash equipment. Also extremely popular are the strobist soft boxes which turns any cameraflash e. Using this equipment, it is easy to create a compact, mobile studio on battery power!

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Viasat Linkstar S2A VSAT Modem (NEW/Never Used)

Many LinkStar modems have been distributed under a lease agreement such that they will only work under control of the original satellite service provider. Clearing the user settable front end telnet password will not be sufficient to make the modem work. If you have forgotten your Telnet password for Telnet Access, you may attempt the following sequence and procedure to unlock the system. Opening the box will invalidate any warranty so the best plan is not to forget the password in the first place.


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LINKSTAR Modem - Serial cable connection



LinkStar DVB S2


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