Posted December 30, Wish we had more modern sets with working lights. By clicking in the link you can see not only the instructions, but the features of the 9V light system. A nice bunch of tools! Cool review on a classic set. Do you hear TLG?!

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Ketilar As awesome as some modern sets are — and they really are! Posted December 28, edited. Register new account. Sign in Already have an account?

As much as i enjoy realism, Sometimes I miss the classic and simple sets that just feel more Lego-ish to me. We start with the excavator: Here you can see the hinge black pieces that allows the excavator to change direction steering.

The on-off feature works by pushing the grey piece on the battery box. Edited December 28, by Plate. It would be nice to see those lights again in a lego city set!

Sign In Sign Up. The front torso of the driver has a classic town worker print and the front of the worker as a nice speedway symbol on it.

I have no instruction booklet either box, they were lost: Posted December 31, Posted December 30, Very very nice set. Both the excavator and the trailer have directional features steeringand both can turn. Thanks a lot for this great review! Every town needs proper lightning and effects! Do you hear TLG?! The trailer has a lot of tools including a pneumatic hammer.

The lsgo of this set is awesome! Its a set with which I played a lot. Sign up for a new account in our community. A nice bunch of tools! You can attach the trailer to the excavator or put it apart. Once i did the picture i realized that I forget the electric cable and some elements turnable and some working tools: If you turn this piece you can change the feature from blinking to fixed light. And…finished model, trees and road plate are not included in the set. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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