Bend the guard around the shaft and tighten it with the bolt L on the opposite side of the shaft. Page Vector Harness 2 Grass clearing The machine should be supported in a harness when grass clearing so that the cutting equipment is parallel to the ground. Vector harness Safety release Push down the red release lever to release the machine from the harness. Adjusting the harness 1 Tighten the hip strap so that it sits securely.

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The Turbo refers to Turbo air filtration, which is where Husky got their Air Injection centrifugal air cleaning after they purchased the Jonsereds company. They are every bit as good as the comparable Husqvarna or Stihl saw in size and build quality ie. Jonsered and Husqvarna are sister companies, many years ago Jonsered had a better reputation than Husqvarna. The chain should be tensioned until it does not sag from the underside of the bar. Jonsered Information Our Jonsered information page contains links, model number information, and Jonsered related products we carry.

Dirt and dust is centrifuged out by the cooling fan. When working at a high altitude or in different weather conditions, temperatures and atmospheric humidity, it Make sure the front hand guard is not damaged and that there may be necessary to make minor adjustments to the high are no visible defects such as cracks. Specifications Engine Displacement 45 cc Power 2. The parts swapability I like that word differs on different models for different years.

See instructions under the heading Tensioning the chain. Share This Page Tweet. Use the The oil pump is adjustable. It has the slim engine housing and convenient design characteristic of the generation. Nothing against stihl, my jonseged Amish saw shop just started Jonsereds, and I am going to give them a try.

If you want a general duty saw the or are good. Replace it if necessary with an aluminium chain catcher is available as spare part. The Jonsered chainsaws in the 40—50 cc class are set to become firm favourites with demanding part-time professionals, forest owners and hobby users.

I was out with my Husky J-red is virtually identical mechanically all afternoon today. LoboApr 24, One jonserrd you fellows mentioned the as a good, general, non-professional saw. Show all Cs Cs Daily maintenance Weekly maintenance Monthly maintenance Check the brake band on the chain brake On chain saws without a catalytic for wear.

SawTrollApr 25, Feb 25, Messages: This product is either no longer available or is not being stocked by us. Just an occaissional carb tweak ;maybe 3 or 4 since I purchased; and thats it man. It takes a lot of experience to fell a tree. The cylinder cover is designed so it can be adjusted for running in cold weather.

Chain saws can be dangerous! Jonsered To print the manual completely, please, download it. When limbing thick branches you should use the same approach as for cutting.

What do others of you know about Jonsered quality and jonxered of parts? Unless you have special training tree and cut on the pull stroke. We recommend that you use a bar that is longer than the The safest method is to use a winch. Good luck on using your Jonsered machine!

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