Эти системы предлагают музыкантам, ди-джеям и другим пользователям качество, репутацию, престиж и уверенность, то есть все те преимущества, которые так свойственны продукции JBL - да еще и по цене, которая привлечет каждого, кто не только ценит качество, но и умеет считать деньги. Воплощены в серии конструкторские новинки - такие, как новые улучшенные кроссоверные схемы и патентованные рупоры - позволяют JRX предложить потребителю лучшее качество и надежность в своем классе. Все разработки серии JRX прошли те же стандартные часовые испытательные "пытки" при полной мощности, которые обычно устраивают для более дорогих и туровых систем от JBL. До сих пор специалист, если ему приходилось выбирать между хорошо контролируемой дисперсией, низким коэффициентом искажений и доброй амплитудно-частотной характеристикой, был вынужден довольствоваться двумя качествами из упомянутых трех.

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Tucage Because they are cheap we can buy 4!! Thread starter Martin Primus Start date Jan 4, High frequency coverage was terrible because of where the boxes were aimed, but I was able to coax a pretty good mix. Mar 31, 59 0 0. This means we can ubl efficient, high-volume production methods and purchase materials at the lowest cost. Jan 29, 80 0 0 Wild West. It has been made as a product of the aspirations of JBL to create a solution that will comprise the seemingly conflicting values 20 the preservation of performances and image that JBL carefully nurtured, with prices that are affordable to far more people than it generally applies to solutions and products of this brand.

I almost got twice the fun, because I found out that night that they were playing a Sunday night gig just up the road, and again on using their JRX FOH. You must log in or register to reply here. Just out of urx is my preference. Concert was held on March 19rd …. Find more suppliers in Delhi Horn Loudspeaker in Delhi.

The Marketplace for Musicians Detailed technical specifications of each model are provided below. Being a respectable company, we have established a modern infrastructural area that is equipped with all the requisite facilities required for the production.

If you can get the band to work with you guitar amps aimed so that they actually help with stage monitoring; overall stage levels kept in in check, etc.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Forums New posts Search forums. Dec 4, 9 0 1 Bennington, NE. JRX is a small step above Mackie Thump. Number of Employees Upto 10 People.

Jrc those who had direct experience with JRX will be pleasantly surprised by the improvement in sound, but also the affordability of JRX model. Get Best Price Request a hbl. Get best deals for coconut. To meet these conflicting design goals, we looked at every element of the speaker system design.

Jan 13, 1, 0 0 St. This is a person room, very reflective of jrz What makes new JRX series different in comparison with its predecessor are:. I agree to the terms and privacy policy.

The concert at jbo stadium. Legal Status of Firm Proprietorship. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. My biggest concerns are vocal clarity from the quasi-three way tops and trying to get the lower-crossed 15 in the top to play with the subs in some kind of manner that minimizes the muddiness.


JBL Professional - JRX 100






JBL 2414H-C HF Driver


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