Over edge foot Janome Decor Excel 20 The Janome Decor Excel 20 is a mechanical sewing machine with 15 stitches, a four-step button hole and a front loading bobbin. It is quite reasonable priced, and is likely to be a good option for beginners or hobbyists. Instead the adjustment of stitch width is integrated into the stitch selector dial. It comes with 6 presser feet and has a needle threader. It is well built and quite sturdy, and can manage up to stitches per minute. The additional stitches are mostly satin and decorative stitches.

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The wires on this foot prevent light weight fabric from rolling and creating a ridge. Use it to reinforce areas such as crotch and armhole seams. A pin can be placed on top of the foot to form a shank. Before lowering the foot, test the needle swing, making sure the needle drops in each hole. Page 26 Janome Instruction Manual Draw both threads to the left under the foot.

Insert the garment under the foot, and lower the needle at the starting point. Then lower the automatic buttonhole foot. Set the stitch length slider between 0. If the stitch density on the left and right side of the buttonhole are unbalanced, remove the accessory box and adjust the pitch balance dial. Stop just before the zipper foot reaches the slider on the zipper tape. Lower the needle slightly into the fabric. Raise the zipper foot and open the zipper. Wrong side of fabric 0.

Loosen the quilter holding screw. Slide the quilter in the opening to the desired width and tighten the screw. Fold and stitch on the bias. Set the stitch width and length as you desire. The needle thread is not threaded properly. Refer to page 12 The needle thread 2. The needle thread tension is too tight.

Refer to page 15 breaks. The needle is bent or blunt. The needle thread tension is too loose. Refer to page 15 2. The needle is too heavy or light for the fabrics being sewn.

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