Faegis Are you an author? Andrzeju Boboli Polish Edition. Wyczerpac Morze Cien ojca. Listy NikodemaJest to wielokrotnie wznawiana w kraju i zagranica powiesc, ktora uchodzi za najwazniejsza w dorobku Jana Dobraczynskiego.

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Birth Data Who is Jan Dobraczynski? She is a female celebrity. Jan Dobraczynski is gifted with natural leadership and the capacity to accumulate great wealth.

She has great talent for management in all walks of life, especially in business and financial matters, where she contributes the greater vision, purpose, and long-range goals. She understands the material world, and intuitively knows what makes virtually any enterprise work. Business, finance, real estate, law, science particularly history, archeology, and physics , publishing, and the management of large institutions are among the vocational fields that suit Jan best.

She is naturally attracted to positions of influence and leadership, and politics, social work, and teaching are among the many other areas where her abilities can shine. She possesses the ability to inspire people to join her in her quest, even when they are incapable of seeing what she sees.

Therefore, those around Jan Dobraczynski need her continual guidance, inspiration, and encouragement. Dobraczynski is a good judge of character, which serves her well in attracting the right people that she can prod them then into action and direct them along the lines of her vision. Otherwise, Jan Dobraczynski is bound to suffer the consequences of greed and run the risk of losing it all.

She must also learn to bounce back from failures and defeats. As with many greate visionaries, Dobraczynski can be reckless for lack of attention to details. Thus, it is not unlikely for such personality to experience major reverses, including bankruptcies and financial failure.

Jan Dobraczynski, however, has the talent and the sheer guts to make more than one fortune, and build many successful enterprises. Dobraczynski is likely to mold a large family around him, and she is inclined sometimes to keep them dependent longer than necessary. However, Jan Dobraczynski is not demonstrative in showing her love and affection. Also, Jan must be careful of becoming stubborn, intolerant, overbearing, and impatient. These characteristics may have been born early in her life, after suffering herself under a tyrannical parent or a family burdened by repressive religious or intellectual dogmas.

Learning to be wisely assertive is a major lesson to be taken by Jan Dobraczynski throughout her life. We invite you to create your own free personality profile , in private and for your eyes only!. You and Jan.



During the Communist period of the PRL, he worked closely with state authorities. During the War, as a clerk in the Warsaw Department of Social Welfare, he was active in operations to save Jewish children. He was born and lived in Warsaw. For a few years, he worked in Lublin. In , he returned to the capital and rejoined the Department. From the beginning of the War, he was active in the underground as he was not all that busy in the Department.


Dobraczynski Jan



File:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-26631-0001, Tilly Bergner und Jan Dobraczynski.jpg


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