Fordham, Ph. Stanford, faculty member at Yale since , Croatian historian and politician, in the last decades you have lived a bifurcated life. As a scholar you have set a standard for excellence and dispassion in a critical and contentious field—the history of Eastern Europe, with a special focus on the Balkans, as well as the history of international Communism. You have prodigious publication in two languages, Croatian and English. Another volume, the Croatian translation of With Stalin Against Tito won the Strossmayer Prize for the best book in the social sciences published in Croatia in

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After finishing elementary and high school in her hometown, she enrolled at the Zagreb Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences from which she graduated in history. She attended postgraduation studies at the Yale University where she obtained M. In December , Feldman obtained Ph. Tkalac and Liberalism in Croatia". In addition, she was awarded several scholarships for scientific research in various countries which included scholarships awarded by the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts , Open Society Foundations —98 , Yale University —93; —95 , and University of London — In , she worked for the Sterling Memorial Library transcribing, translating and cataloging testimonies of Holocaust survivors from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina for the Holocaust Archives.

As director of the Institute Vlado Gotovac, she organized an international conference "Minorities as a Cross-border Cooperation Bridge" in Osijek in Friedman collaborated with the Yale Psychiatric Institute, working as a translator and co-worker on a posttraumatic stress disorder research. She conducted and translated conversations with refugees from BiH, who participated in the research as patients.

She also analyzed the background of political and historical events in the successor countries of the SFR Yugoslavia for the conductors of research prof. Dori Laub and prof. Steven Wein. She translated therapeutic sessions from Bosnian and Croatian to English and vice versa.

Between and , she lectured the initial degree of Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian languages at the Department of Slavic Studies at the Yale University. In the fall semester of , she lectured subject Bosnia and Herzegovina - Evolution of Multicultural Society.

In , she became assistant to prof. Mark Steinberg on the subject Russian Culture Between and Feldman worked at the Croatian Institute of History. In the academic year , she lectured subject History of Serbs for students of a special program of Serbian language, history, and culture at the Faculty of Teacher Education of the University of Zagreb.

In , she was appointed a director of the Open Society Institute - Croatia. In , she was appointed a deputy director of the Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences. Political career[ edit ] Feldman was an active member of the Liberal Party during the time it was governed by her future husband Ivo Banac.


‘Hrvatstvo’ i Sorosev vojnik Ivo Banac



Andrea Feldman (historian)


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