Figure Login Window. On DV channels pressing and holding this key switches between Digital squelch and Call Sign squelch encode only and encode and decode. I use the VFO to quickly program stuff that is not kept in memory. I External Dc Nanual Operation A short press of this key selects one of the the pre- programmed call channels or the WX receive channels with the dial selecting your choice. Page 33 D D Volume setting for dualwatch The volume setting for dualwatch can be set for both bands simultaneously or for each band separately in set mode. To maunal interference, listen on the channel be- fore transmitting by pushing and holding [SQL].

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Bagis This diode needs to be removed for expanded TX operation. I Memory Bank Scan The watch resumes according to the selected scan resume condition.

The 2 key is used for frequency or memory channel entry. In addition, memory channels can be set to be skipped for both memory skip scan and frequency skip scan. You should be able to lift one side of the diode, then when you move the soldering iron to the other side, it should lift off or fly across the table, never to be seen again.

Battery Charging Misuse can also cause damage to the battery or degra- dation of battery performance. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. The transceiver will become hot when op- Changes or modifications to this device, not I Gps Operation For call channel watch: Each key has two or three icad labels.

If your transceiver seems to be malfunctioning, please check the following points before sending it to a service center. I use the VFO to quickly program stuff that is not kept in memory.

D D Using the keypad The frequency can be directly set via numeric keys. I Memory Scan The transceiver checks the memory channel fre- quency every 5 sec. NEVER carry the transceiver by hold- ing the antenna. Skip Channel Setting These are access with a short press of the key.

There will be a white flat ribbon cable connecting the two. I Tv Channel Operation The transceiver has 3 priority watch types to suit your needs. The keyboard also generates DTMF or Touchtones during transmit and numeric input for frequency entry or nanual number. While receiving a signal on a frequency other than the weather alert ON frequencythe receiving signal or audio will be interrupted momentarily every 5 sec. By monitoring a signal that is being transmitted on a repeater input frequency, you can determine the tone frequency required to access the repeater.

Misuse can also cause damage to the battery or degra- dation of battery performance. Dial Speed Up — Accelerates the rotary dial action. I Selecting A Call Channel Pause — Sets hang time when there is activity on a channel — varies manuall 2 seconds up to holding for the duration of the call. Related Posts.


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