Humminbird has developed different series of fish finders, from the entry level series to professional series. Sonar Humminbird fish finders use Down Imaging technology. This technology uses high frequency waves in such thin slices from the boat to the bottom that the images of the underwater come to you in remarkable clarity. So on the photo-like images you can get a clear view of what is going on underneath the boat, so you get better chances of targeting fish. On most of these fish finders you will also find dual beam sonar with two frequencies. Some of the models like the c offer frequency as high as kHz.

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All this contributed to the popularity of this model among fishing enthusiasts. Humminbird has gained a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of high quality fish finder equipment.

This model is suitable for use in both fresh and salt water. However, considering its power rating you can see better results in freshwater such lakes, rivers and ponds. This fish finder features a black and white screen, but you can still clearly see the bottom, structure and fish echoes.

This determines the cone angle of the area that the unit can cover beneath the water. Being of dual beam type you have the option of choosing either the wider or the narrower beam according to your needs. The sonar frequency of this unit gives up to feet of depth capability.

The power output for the Humminbird is watts PTP. The Down Imaging allows you to zoom in on the target that you have found under water. This technology uses high-frequency sound waves that it emits in ultra thin slices.

Using Down Imaging this model can show up to feet below the boat, and up to feet without it. Compared to the model without Down Imaging, this one is slightly higher priced.

But this added technology can really revolutionize your fishing trips. The 12 level greyscale makes the screen look crisp and clear. The display can also be easily viewed in direct sunlight. So depending on your particular fishing conditions you can adjust the screen settings to your specific needs. You can choose either clear or max mode. In the max mode all the data will be displayed in greater detail.

It will display cover, fish, structure, water currents and even thermoclines. However, if you are just a beginning user of fish finders, all that detail you might find a bit challenging to interpret. So in this instance, the clear mode would be a better option. Split Screen On the Humminbird and DI you can view the sonar returns of both frequencies at once.

The split screen allows viewing the two sets of data on a divided screen. Having the two different returns on one screen, allows you to zoom in and compare the data. Selective Fish ID This feature is especially helpful for novice fish finder users.

It uses sonar processing and gives you data of the potential catch underwater and the depth it is located on. Mounting the Unit The Humminbird is a model that can be permanently mounted or used as portable fish finder. Its portability is useful for anglers who have to hire a boat each time they go out fishing. You can easily mount the transducer and then just as easily remove it when you are done with fishing. However, if you own the boat, you can use the transom mount that comes in the package for the installation of the transducer.

Ease of Use The Humminbird fish finder is a user-friendly tool. I would recommend it for both professional and amateur anglers. So in no time you will be able to easily detect fish and increase your catch.


Humminbird 515 Operation Manual

You can visit our website at www. Temperature - water surface temperature. The display does NOT show a literal 3-dimensional representation of what is under the water. Each vertical band of data received by the control head and plotted on the Page 7: Sonar Zoom View Sonar Z oom View Sonar Z oom View Sonar Zoom View increases the displayed resolution to separate sonar returns that are very close together, such as those caused by fish suspended close to the bottom or within structure. In Zoom View, the display is split to show a narrow slice of the full range view on the right and the zoomed view on the left.


Humminbird 565 Manuals


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