The light-emitting diode is sealed with insulation bushing to avoid humidity. To avoid splashing, the surface of computer plate and box and the operation components of the control panel seat are coated with control panel film. Page 13 Service Manual Issue Rev. Model No: HLP21N Operating Principle of the Hand-wash Type Washing Machine The most obvious feature of this machine is that during washing, the pulsator and inner tub rotate to opposite direction, and thus make double washing effect. It is realized as following three points: 1. Model No: HLP21N Key points in disassembly Points of attention in maintenance 1 General attention Be sure to pull off the power plug in disassembly or maintenance Use stipulated crimp terminals in connecting the wires between the conducting wires as far as possible, and fix with suitable tools, and insulate with insulation tape completely.

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Reviewed in Canada on July 8, Verified Purchase After reading numerous reviews and watching tons of youtube videos about different portable washers for months I finally decided to buy this one. It was easy to install the casters and to hook to the kitchen sink. As soon as I got it I did 4 loads right away, it was so fun I wish I had more laundry top do.

It is very quiet and holds a lot of clothes. Clothes came out really clean. I could say the drum is about half the size of a full-size washer so for me that is perfect.

It is not too big to take too much space nor too heavy to move around. You could wash about 15 tops and bottoms in one load or 2 queen size sheets and a towel.

I would not put a comforter in there. If you are renting in these buildings you know how it is. I am so excited that now I can do laundry in my apartment and not have to go up and down the stairs to the laundry room, wait in line, the drama of it all.

This saves me so much time, energy and stress that I wonder why I did not buy it years ago. Also was worried about this being delivered while I was at work so I contacted the seller and they were nice enough to deliver within two days while I was home.

Life is too complicated to worry about laundry if you can afford this washer buy it and check it off of your list.

LEY 26839 PDF

Haier HLP21N washer manual



HAIER HLP21N User Manual


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