Aplicarlos tranquilamente, darn buenos resultados. Se puede estar tranquilo, satisfe- cho al respecto. El centro de cada trigrama est ocupado por una lnea fuerte y, coronndolo, una lnea dbil; ello sugiere la idea de que el ejercicio de una firme correc- cin acarrear ventajas placenteras. Qu grande es su poder, capaz de estimular a las gentes en forma tal!

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For standard, non romance-specific I Ching interpretations please return to the reference page here. This welcome hexagram marks a powerful turning point for you in the area of relationships. An ecstatic union is forming. Your heart is opening wider with every breath. This is a time when you will easily experience the qualities of unwavering friendliness, love, and loyalty towards another.

This will happen naturally, but it will help to keep a clear focus on inner joy. Through inner joy -- the kind that does not depend on another person - you can create blissful relationships. Do what makes your heart sing. This will create a mindset and atmosphere that lets incredible love flow into your life. Enjoy it, but do not lose yourself in it -- the path is long. Changes in Line 1 "Wordless Joy" Spend some quiet time reflecting on the good qualities of someone special.

What makes this person special? Meditate on this and you will find yourself experiencing a quiet, inner wordless joy. Changes in Line 2 "Avoiding Negativity" Someone in a negative mood may try to rope you into their dramas. Avoid this person if you can. Stay focused on the love that dwells in your own heart and soul. Changes in Line 3 "Sizzle and Fireworks" Hold on for the ride, because your love life is going to skyrocket! This will be an unprecedented time of passion and bliss.

But still, do not over look simple things. The wise person keeps all things in perspective and remains grateful for their friends and the little things that matter most. The law of Attraction is in action here. Put your attention on what you want in a partner or from your current partner. Make a list of the qualities that matter to you and you will magnetize someone with these qualities into your life.

Changes in Line 5 "Rising and Growing" This line is a reminder to rise higher than your relationship challenges. Be bigger than the challenge and it will become smaller. While multiple translations of the original text are available, they include many archaic references and can be difficult to understand for 21st century readers.


I Ching Hexagram #58:

Todos participan, cada uno tiene una tarea que hacer. Se come, se bebe, se intercambia pareja, como es una multitud se puede cambiar de identidad, se conoce gente, se pierde de vista lo conocido para conocer lo nuevo, uno se permite licencias que en otros momentos no se permite. El sol es dorado como el trigo maduro. Luego llega el invierno precedido por fuertes vientos.


Hexagram a 58

Este hexagrama muestra una imagen apacible y serena que se puede imaginar de muchas maneras en vista a los trigramas que lo componen. Son fieles al lugar donde … Hexagrama 18, Ku, el trabajo en lo echado a perder El Trabajo en lo echado a perder es el hexagrama 18 del I Ching. La imagen es un caldero, un recipiente tapado, donde hay comida que se ha agusanado. El caldero es un implemento de la vida diaria en una familia. Y esta familia es muy descuidada, deja que su alimento se convierta en veneno.



Joy - its constant companion. Content in your circumstances and genuine in kindness, you are the expression of the love that renews all things. This is the sublimity of how nature brings perfection to the earth. Only you can set it free. Cultivating a sense of joy that you carry wherever you go can become a way of living. Although you must sometimes aim high, knowing that failure will always pull a little on your accomplishments. One who meets all experience as a growth opportunity, never fails and always succeeds.


Perseverance is favorable. Blofeld: Joy -- success! Persistence in a righteous course brings reward. Liu: Joyousness. Continuance is favorable.

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