This year Hartalika Teej will be celebrated on September 12, Wednesday — with married women observing fast for marital bliss and single women observing fast to fulfil their desire of getting an ideal husband. She prayed for twelve years for marriage with Shiva. The condition of his daughter had Himalaya worried. He, therefore, went to sage Narada for help. Her friend took her to a forest so that she could escape marrying Lord Vishnu. It was in this forest Parvati underwent penance for years to marry Shiva.

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Hartalika Vrat Katha.. You were the daughter of Daksha Prajapati in your previous birth. When you were young, you have performed penance to for me Lord Shiva. You used to perform thapas for several days without eating anything and even without drinking water. Without taking care of your health you used to perform penance in rainy season, hot summer and chilling winters on the bank of River Ganga at Himalayas. But I was unmoved and you continued your thapas..

Daksha Prajapati was worried about his daughter and wanted to do something about it. And he also informed Narada to ask Vishnu to come for marriage on an auspicious day and muhurat.

Parvati heard that her father has arranged marriage with Lord Vishnu. She was very sad because she wanted to marry and devote here entire life to Lord Shiva. She thought to committ suicide instead of marrying Vishnu deva. One of the closest aides of Parvati stops her and assures that she will take her to place in Himalayas where she can continue her Thapas for Shiva without any hassle.

With the help of here aide, Parvati reaches the secret cave and resumes here penance. Annoyed Daksha became sad and furious as her daughter has gone missing and sends his army to all places to search her.

She kept a vigil and spent the night singing and chanting Shiva stotrams. The day was also coincided with Hasta Nakshatra. At the moment, when Parvati completed her puja, Lord Shiva appeared from the Shivalinga and asked Parvati to tell him her wish so that he can grant.

Parvati told Shiva about her wish to marry him. Lord Shiva granted the boon. Just after Shiva disappearing from the place, Daksha came along with his army and asked Parvati the reason why she left the home. Without any fear, Parvati replied that she performed severe penance to please Lord Shiva in order to get him as her husband. And also informed him that Lord Shiva accepted her proposal and granted boon.

Parvati told him that she would return home only when he agrees for her marriage with Shiva. Daksha accepted and married his daughter to Lord Shiva. I will bless the performer to get good husband and enjoy healthy and wealthy marital life.


Hindi Book- Vrat Katha

Hartalika word is combination of "Harat" and "Aalika" which means "abduction" and "female friend" respectively. On the sudden disappearance of Goddess Parvati, her father thought that someone has kidnaped his daughter. Hence this day is known as Hartalika or Haritalika. As legend goes, Goddess Parvati did severe penance in the forest to please Lord Shiva. Due to great determination of Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva blessed her that her wish to marry Him would be fulfilled.


Hartalika Teej Puja


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