Arranged by W. Renaissance, Christian, Repertoire. Published by Wilhelm Schmidt S0. Item Number: S0. Arranged for SAB choir.

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Henry Purcell — genius composer, singer of bawdy songs, devoted husband, wig wearer! Imagination, tremendous melodic gifts, harmonic depth and the ability to perfectly set English words to music and music to words matched perhaps only by Handel and Benjamin Britten have given him a reputation as one of the greats of his age and any age.

Henry Purcell was born in London in The son of a musician in the retinue of Charles II, Henry Purcell spent most of his composing life in royal service writing music for the court and church. His first formal royal appointment came when in he succeeded Mathew Locke as composer-in-ordinary for the violins. In he was appointed as one of the organists at the Chapel Royal. In between, he also succeeded his friend and teacher John Blow as organist of Westminster Abbey.

His connection to the court was also responsible for the many odes he composed for royal occasions such as birthdays and homecomings etc.

Not the easiest of remits for a free thinking maverick like Purcell but what a job he did. New heights were reached, old boundaries were stretched, new orchestrations were invented, new musical risks were taken and to incredible effect. They account for some of his most played and most astounding work. During the s Purcell begin writing for the theatre. But it was the success of Dioclesian in that his theatrical career really took off.

With the renaissance in Early Music that has taken place over the last half a century and especially the last 20 years with wonderful exponents such a William Christie and these works have never sounded better or been staged to better effect.

See a list of links below. Purcell occupies a central position in British music. His influence is everywhere — he is inspiration as well as a central focus for cultural identification. Henry Purcell died at the very early age of The prevailing myth for centuries has been that the curfew his wife had insisted on in order to manage his proclivity to go out to the pub for a pint and sing drinking songs of which he wrote many with his chums was broken one night when he arrived back at 10 past midnight.

She locked him out, he caught a cold and never recovered. His untimely death left Britain without a native composer though most of us claim Handel as our own of genius until the arrival of Edward Elgar two centuries later. God rest his soul. God bless his cotton socks.


Almighty and everlasting God, anthem for 4 voices



Almighty and everlasting God



Almighty and Everlasting God (Gibbons, Orlando)


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