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Page FR-A 0. Mitsubishi Inverter Fr-D Lit to indicate Network operation mode. Page 59 — Monitoring of output current and output Page 93 — Setting the frequency by analog input c Page 54 Precautions for use of the inverter 13 Provide electrical and mechanical interlocks for MC1 and MC2 which are used for bypass operation. Setting multiple parameters as a batch Pr. Before operation 3 When offline auto tuning ends, press of the operation panel during PU operation.

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Mounting The Operation Panel fr-du07 On The Enclosure Surface Wiring Wiring of the control circuit of the 75K or higher For wiring of the control circuit of the 75K or higher, separate away from wiring of the main circuit. From as small as 0. Page 91 — Setting the frequency by switches multi This Instruction Manual Basic provides handling information and precautions for use of the equipment.

Outline dimension drawings 6. Enter text from picture: If the fault does not correspond to any of the following faults or if you have any other problem, please contact your sales 11o.

Tuning is performed without motor running. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. For torque control, therefore, the speed is determined by the load. The new design combines upgrade compatibility for the existing FR-A and FR-A, market leading reliability, open networking communication and power conservation features. This is not possible with conventional general-purpose inverters. Connection of stand-alone option units 2 Connection with the MT-HC 75K or higher After making sure the wiring is correct, set the following parameters.

Increasing The Starting Torque pr. This 11k can perform simple position feed by contact input, position control by inverter simple pulse input, and position control by FR-A7AL pulse train input. Method Of Removal And Reinstallation Of Ff When reinstalling the operation panel, insert it straight to reinstall securely and tighten the fixed screws of the operation panel.

Operation other than is invalid. Turning ON the start command starts the motor to rotate. Description This function is available only when Pr. When the power supply is V class, install a step-down transformer. When the initial value Pr. Customer Service Call Sales: The parameter number previously read appears.

Page 23 Wiring 3 Total wiring length The overall wiring length for connection of a single motor or multiple motors should be within the value in the table below. Failsafe of the system which uses the inverter 2. Voltage reduction selection during stall prevention operation Pr. The life alarm output can be used as a guideline for life judgement. Take measures against noises. Even without encoder feedback the FR-A continuously calculates the optimum magnetic flux for every operating state, making the inverter suitable for applications previously the domain of DC or closed-loop vector drives.

Users 11l not have to consider each parameter number. Page Low-speed range torque characteristics Pr. L21 Power supply 3 Pull the jumper toward you to terminal block remove. Before operation 2 Setting 1 Select the Advanced magnetic flux vector control, Real sensorless vector 11m or vector control.

Parameter Setting Value Input If you are going to utilize functions and performance, refer a the Instruction. The motor capacity should be equal to or one rank lower than the inverter capacity.

Before operation 5 When using a multi-pole frr 8 poles or more Specially when using a multi-pole motor with more than 8 poles under Real sensorless vector control or vector control, adjust Pr. Low-speed operation command RL 22 to 28, 1: The circuit may also rf activated by a surge voltage produced in the power supply system.

Description In this case, the inverter must be powered OFF immediately. Output current Set the time from when the output current detection signal Offline auto tuning for an IPM motor motor constant tuning Pr. Related Posts.


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FR A720 11K PDF


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