By: Ralph R. Cancel anytime. People who bought this also bought This was because of the limited supply of foreclosures.

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Start your review of Foreclosure Investing for Dummies Write a review Jun 23, Daniel rated it really liked it This is my favorite book about foreclosures that I have read. Hmm, how could I like or dislike books I have not read. I thought it was very through. I liked the chapters on preforeclosure, foreclosure auctions, and Real estate owned. If I were going to read one book on foreclosures I would read this book. I also liked the part of tens chapters.

I wish I had learned about real estate when I was growing up instead of spending my time watching sports. Real estate investing seems more interesting. I This is my favorite book about foreclosures that I have read. I suppose I thought there was no way I could ever invest in real estate.

I also liked the chapters on what is it called hiring your team. What can I say I enjoyed reading the book. Now I need to put what I learned into practice. Tricky to write a multi-jurisdictional book about a concept that has been codified differently in every state. There were a few times I thought hey, you cant do that in [state], but to be fair there are all sorts of caveats to the effect of hire a lawyer to make sure you do it right.

A little outdated at this point, but generally a good overview of foreclosure investing. CD burning, myspace and vanilla folders The social justice warriors went through and replaced every "he" with "she" Jan 15, David Roberts rated it it was amazing The book I read to research this post was Foreclosure Investing For Dummies which is an excellent book which I bought from kobo.

Foreclosure investing in general has a bit of a bad reputation. There are a lot of people who buy properties that have defaulted mortgages or other loans secured on them and have been greedy and done things like make the previous owners. In many cases it pays to get the mortgage payer on your side and it is often a good idea to rent the property back to them. When there is a bankruptcy or similar hearing a lot of weight is put to what the bill payer wants.

It pays to at least listen to them. In general a mortgage less than 10 years will only have had the interest paid off and not the principal so you are probably better off avoiding mortgages like that.

You may have to renovate a property so make sure allow for that when buying the house. You have to spend out at least 4 official letters and the whole process takes months. In a lot of cases it is best to compromise and do something like let the payer just pay off the interest for a while if they are having problems.

If you buy foreclosed properties you will often be approached by the mortgage payer to buy the property if they are having problems. Especially in the case of a maturing mortgage it will often be necessary to make some kind of payment to the mortgage payer and or agree they can rent the property.

A secured loan often called a junior lien can often be a risky proporsition for buying because the mortgage and tax has to be repaid first and many bankruptcy will cancel payment of the secured loan as part of the bankruptcy process. I really enjoyed reading this book and it is an interesting subject. However keep in mind that this book is about foreclosure and the premise of the book is that you will buy a foreclosure, do it up and sale it.

There is very little information on keeping the house hold. There is no explanation of that. I guess there is a "managing real estate for dummies", so that will be my next read. I recommend this book because it really explains all This book is a little difficult to handle at first, a lot of content, a lot of repetition, but overall a great book to own. I recommend this book because it really explains all the challenges that beginning investors will face.

For example HUD are owner-occupied, I did a research on that and it is possible to buy HUD foreclosure, but only after no owner occupied wants it. So as the author states, read, research and then invest carefully.


Foreclosure Investing for Dummies



Foreclosure Investing For Dummies



Foreclosure Investing For Dummies




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