His extraordinary musicianship and ability to communicate effectively with all levels of choral singers and orchestra personnel is outstanding. In addition to leading efficient and energetic rehearsals, his innate teaching expertise is always evident. His keyboard facility is impressive and wonderfully fluid. While focusing on important details in rehearsals, he still manages to show great care and respect for the singers and instrumentalists. His orchestral writing shows the same attention to detail as his choral music and is well crafted for the instrumentalists.

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Bio John Leavitt John Leavitt is a composer, conductor, pianist, and teacher, whose music continues to captivate listeners and musicians of all ages. Leavitt is a lifetime member of the American Choral Directors Association and is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, from which he has received annual recognition for his achievements in composition.

In recognition of his tenure at Friends University in the fields of music theory, choral, and church music, Dr. Leavitt was the recipient of the W. Young Award for teaching excellence. At the same time, he conducted the community choral program, The Master Arts Chorale and Youth Chorale, during their twelve-year tenure. In , Dr. His music has been performed in 30 countries across the globe and his recordings have been featured nationally on many public radio stations.

An extraordinary composer, performer, and clinician for church and school music literature, Leavitt continues to teach, lecture, and guest conduct numerous workshops, festivals, and symposia.

His compositions are represented in nearly every major music catalog in this country. Newsletter Sign Up.


John Leavitt

Old Ship Church , , Hingham, Massachusetts. John Leavitt, founding deacon. Deacon John Leavitt — was a tailor , public officeholder, and founding deacon of Old Ship Church in Hingham , Plymouth County, Massachusetts , the only remaining 17th-century Puritan meeting house in America and the oldest church in continuous ecclesiastical use in the United States. He received a grant of land in this town in


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