Vitaxe Mounted on the scale column, it is capable of performing all major functions related to weight measurement. Load Cells Product Catalog. Open the catalog to page 7. Esit Hendek Branch Akova Mah. Open the catalog to page 9.

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The concrete foundation and grounding details should be completed according to these plans. The soil allowable stress was accepted as an average value, but if the scale site is special case such as somewhere near a riverbed or man-made location, then you should contact our Company and ask for an alteration on the project. A control room of min. The cabin should be temperature and dust proof, should have grounded electric line and equipped with windows on three walls to provide a clear vision of the platform.

Esit Dino-A is a pit-type model designed for facilities with limited space. The platform is on the same level with the ground and the steel platform is suitable for both vertical and horizontal vehicle transitions, making it easy to maneuver on vehicles.

Gas welding is used in all steel platform productions. It is transported in a disassembled modular condition and mounted with bolts at the work place.

The total weight and beam details of the steel platform are available on the overall drawing of the scale. They are robust, high-capacity and heavy-duty measuring sensors specifically designed for vehicle scales. Esit load cells are times more resistant to lateral loads than column-type load cells.

Lateral load-bearing constructions are not required, which reduces weighing errors and scale maintenance. Calibration Certificates are placed on the packaging of Load Cells, covering all test results and graphics showing compliance with OIML.

They are resistant to chemicals. Like other mounting kits, load cells are protected not only against lateral loads, but against all loads from 3 axles. In addition, thanks to its special structure, erroneous weighings due to the thermal expansion of the platform are prevented.

The corner adjustments of the scale are made on the electronic card inside the junction box. Desktop type ECI digital indicator is used for digital load cells. A printer is also supplied with the scale for ticket printing. It has a speed of cps, it can print on A4 or continuous form paper. Parallel and Standard Serial inputs are available. Following information can be found on the ticket Header: 3 Lines 30 characters header can be set by the operator Date: Date is automatically set.

Can also be set by the operator Time: Time is automatically set. Can also be set by the operator Ticket Nr: Automatically set. Weighing: Weighing value taken automatically from the weighbridge kg 2. Weighing: Weighing value taken automatically from the weighbridge kg Net Weight: Difference between 2 weighing values kg 1. Info Driver : Headers and Info to be set by the operator 2. Info Coming : Headers and Info to be set by the operator 3.

Info Leaving : Headers and Info to be set by the operator 4. Info Bill of parcels : Headers and Info to be set by the operator 5. Info: Headers and Info to be set by the operator 6. Info Goods : Headers and Info to be set by the operator Note: Note can be attached below the information. Weighing ticket can also be printed by a suitable printer with the photo if demanded.

License plate recognition camrea can also be supplied with SPWin. Remote Display and Message Panel Remote display allows the weighing value of the vehicle scale to be viewed from outside or from another point. Traffic Lamp Traffic lights consisting of green and red light regulate the entry and exit of vehicles to the vehicle scale. Usage area of traffic lamp are vehicle scales with heavy traffic or on which operations such as filling and unloading are performed.

Universal Power Supply It is recommended to use UPS to prevent the weighing system from being affected by voltage fluctuations and short-term power outages in the region where the vehicle scale will be installed.

Picture is representative Moving Barrier A method used to regulate and direct the entry-exit traffic in a vehicle scale. It prevents the vehicle from moving before the weighing process is finished. Picture is representative Motion Detection System It is especially used in the pit type truck scales for checking whether the vehicle on the scale is correctly positioned or not.

Wheel Washing System An effective wheel cleaning can be provided by placing a washing system before or after the scales installed in areas contaminated with chemical materials or mud. Esit WWS Wheel Washing System provides very fast cleaning with its 6 bar water pressure and high flow capacity, while reusing water with its superior filtration and minimizing the usage cost and increasing sustainability.

In these kiosks, there are ID card or button-entry options, as well as a printer can be mounted on the kiosk.


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