Beschreibung bei Amazon Virginia Henley is a bestselling English author that writes historical romance. However, Virginia has said on numerous occasions that it was the romantic aspects that drew her to historical fiction and that is all she cares to write. Virginia counts her History degree and her marriage to Arthur Henley in among her greatest achievements. Arthur died in , leaving behind two sons and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Writing was not always in the cards for Virginia. In fact, after she was married and living in Grimsby, Ontario, Virginia Henley spent a long while as a housewife.

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For more info about what this is, click here. Better still; I got my friend and co-mod, Sarah , to agree to read it with me. Bad HR novels are always better with friends. We meet our heroine, Diana. An heiress who is under the guardianship of her horrible aunt and uncle. They desperately want her money, and plan to be rid of her by marrying her to a wastrel who is up to his ears in debt, Peter Hardwick. She thinks it would be so much better to live in medieval times than Georgian times.

But her aunt and uncle are determined and will stoop to anything in order to see Diana out of their way. This part of the book is probably my favorite because I thought it was hilarious how Diana managed to find ways to spite her horrible relatives, and her relationship with Peter and his uncle?? I liked her encounters with the stuffy Earl, and how she flaunted his desire for her at any opportunity, rather than sinking to her knees in a puddle of lust.

Petrius has it in for Diana because his attempt to woo her with animal sacrifice warning: a cute baby lamb dies in this book and rape did not go well, so now nobody else is allowed to have her since she spurned his "affections. Her relatives have declared her dead and taken her money and are none too pleased to have her return.

They start having the sexings. Diana spurns Peter. The guardians get a doctor to commit Diana to an asylum on the pretext that she is delusional because she believes she really did go to Rome. It turns out that Mark has "past memories" of his life as Marcus now for some reason???? He rescues Diana from the asylum and together, they blackmail the evil relatives into giving them permission to marry.

Peter tries to kill Diana and Mark and ends up getting thrown from the roof. Everyone lives happily ever after. The end. There was a gritty bodice ripper in here fighting desperately to get out, but it was drowning in Bertrice Small-level purple prose and bad plotting. Plus, the writing is bad. At one point, Diana actually says "Ohmigod. Many villains of vintage historical roms were either bisexual, gay, or homoerotic i. Did I enjoy this book? Yes and no. It was fun to laugh at, and was so over the top at times that it was genuinely entertaining, but other times it was plodding and dull.

What ends up happening, though, is that you get bland romance with alpha d-bag heroes who stop just short of rape with total, over-the-top cray-cray villains who are probably rejected "heroes" who escaped the archives of unpublished bodice rippers that never made it past the 80s and dead-pissed about it.


Enslaved by Virginia Henley



Enslaved (2009)




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