Immortal Hearts by Ellen Schreiber, now you can read online. Chapter 1 Drop-Dead Gorgeous I was waiting for the other combat boot to drop. My life in Dullsville had turned perfectly exciting. The only thing I was missing was being an actual member of the Coffin Club - by becoming a real vampire. So much had happened recently.

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I am emotionally attached to this series, so, of course, it was sad to see it end and there was a part of me that was somewhat pleased. But still, the book is bad. The writing is bad, the characterization is bad, the plot was bad, and Everything about this book is kind of bad. Still, I want to slap myself right now for actually writing that. I feel like I am betraying my pre-teen former self by giving this book 3 stars and calling it bad.

A childhood obsession can only take so many hits before the whole illusion shatters and we are forced to admit that there never was anything truly outstanding about it, so this series definitely needed an ending.

What bothered me the most about this one is just how misleading the summary in the jacket of the book was. Would Alexander turn her or not? When, where, why, how? As a fan of the series, I kept expecting for this to happen but I also wanted to see the emotional and psychological development of Raven before the possibility of it.

That is a lie. Despite what she constantly says, I never once truly believed Raven wanted to turn into a vampire because of Alexander and because of what that would mean to their relationship. It was all about her and what she wanted and what she needs, and, while at first during the first installments it was charming, now it was just irritating and a demonstration on poor character development.

Mostly nothing is resolved with this finale. He worked as hard as a handsome handyman? So, why the 3 stars then if I have nothing good to say about it?

So, in conclusion, if you are not a loyal, hardcore fan of the series and read it with the totally subjective, rainbow-colored lens of undying love and devotion, the I suggest you stay away from it because chances are you are probably going to see all the flaws I just described and probably more.

But if you, like me, see in this book the needed closure for your former teenage selves, then this will probably be a bittersweet goodbye you will begrudgingly enjoy.


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