Nalkree The Eberron Campaign Setting does not give an official cause for this disaster, but natiohs had a similar effect to the atomic bombings that ended World War II. However, Taratai was inherently good, unlike her nationx, and felt at odds with the age into which she was created. Royal Succession King Galifar I established a method of government and succession that lasted for almost a thousand years. Their magical affinity is very broad compared to the specific powers of Siberys and Khyber shards.

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Creation[ edit ] In the mythic past, the world was one great mass. The progenitor wyrms, the first and the greatest of dragon-kind, ruled all. The three most powerful — Siberys, Eberron, and Khyber — discovered the Prophecy.

A world shattering struggle ensued. The battle split the world into three parts. Siberys became the glowing ring that surrounds the world and gave birth to the next generation of dragons. Khyber was bound to the darkest depths and spat out various fiends and demons. However, Eberron lay between them, to heal the world, and from this sacrifice sprang all manner of living things. The Prophecy was scattered across the width and breadth of existence and lost. Xoriat The Realm of Madness is a fourth anomalous plane existing beyond the known cosmology.

Geography[ edit ] The Mortal World of Eberron is made up of seven continents surrounded by oceans and a vast underworld. Adventure primarily takes place in the central region of Khorvaire known as the Five Nations consisting of Aundair Scholarly , Breland Cosmopolitan , Karrnath Militaristic , Thrane Theocratic , Mournland Formerly Cyre , but now an uninhabited haunted zone.

Southeast is the small continent of Aerenal , ruled by elves. Frostfell is an unexplored land of ice in the north. The other two main continents are Sarlona a continent ruled by quori , creatures from the Region of Dreams and Argonnessen a continent inhabited by dragons. The world of Eberron has twelve moons ; some sages believe there is a thirteenth moon that has vanished or is invisible to the naked eye.

Siberys, the Dragon Above, is the name given to the planetary rings which surround the planet. Khyber, the Dragon Below, is the name given to the underworld, and is similar to the Underdark in many other settings. According to the creation story, the world was formed when the progenitor wyrms changed their form into what they are now. Aerenal[ edit ] Aerenal is an island continent inhabited by elves that lies to the southeast of Khorvaire.

There they established their own nation where a court of Undying rules over the living. Argonnessen[ edit ] A continent to the far east of Khorvaire and south of Sarlona. The continent of Argonnessen is almost totally unexplored by any race of Khorvaire because it is inhabited primarily by dragons.

The continent went to war with Aerenal and destroyed the giant civilization. Argonnessen occupy the southeastern part of the world. Off of Argonnessen lies the island of Seren. Argonnessen and Seren are for the most part off limits to the "lesser races" which includes almost everyone except a dragon.

The continent and island are also inhabited by dragon-worshipping human barbarians. Some of the dragons rule cities and kingdoms. One race that seems common on the continent is the dragonborn. It is believed that several large island land masses exist beneath the sheet of ice, though it is unknown. Frostfell[ edit ] The frozen wasteland to the north known only as the Frostfell is as enigmatic as it is cold.

There is only one recorded expedition to the Frostfell from Khorvaire and it was little more than a notch in a belt than a true exploratory mission. Khorvaire is home to the five nations of Aundair, Breland, Cyre, Karrnath and Thrane, as well as other smaller states. Most of the published material for the Eberron campaign setting concerns Khorvaire and its residents. Sarlona[ edit ] Sarlona is a continent to the east of Khorvaire; it is the cradle of human civilization as it was once the only continent featuring the presence of the human race.

Sarlona is home to both humans and kalashtar. Originally a pirate hideout built among the ruins of a giant city, it now serves as the first stop for travelers to the continent. Khyber[ edit ] Said to be the body of one of the three Progenitor Dragons that created the world of Eberron, Khyber is a massive subterranean realm beneath every continent that is filled with danger, dark secrets, and untold treasure.

The Dragonmarked Houses[ edit ] The Dragonmarked Houses are thirteen extended families which control most business throughout Khorvaire, that are based on bloodlines descended from families that first manifested dragonmarks. Within the houses, only a small percentage of every generation manifest dragonmarks, which are marks on the body that grant spell-like abilities to those born with them.

These dragonmarks are designated by taking the Least, Lesser or Greater Dragonmark feat or taking levels in the Dragonmark Heir prestige class. There used to be thirteen dragonmarks but only twelve remain.

Each family possesses only one type of mark, and only one or two races can manifest a particular type of mark. With the exception of House Phiarlan and House Thuranni which both possess the Mark of Shadow , each house exclusively has one type of dragonmark. Talent is considered a better choice.

Most common people have at least a small amount of House blood in their ancestry, usually unnoticed. Dragonmarks come in five forms: aberrant, least, lesser, greater, and Siberys. Aberrant dragonmarks are deviations from normal marks and are not recognized by the dragonmarked houses.

People who have aberrant dragonmarks are commonly believed to have been warped by Khyber, the Dragon Below. Least, lesser, and greater dragonmarks can be gained by taking the appropriate feats or taking levels in the Dragonmark Heir prestige class.

These types of marks must be taken in order. The Siberys mark is the greatest mark, but someone cannot have both a least, lesser, or greater mark along with a Siberys mark. A Siberys mark is gained by taking the Heir of Siberys prestige class. In 4th edition, dragonmarks are gained by taking the feat associated with the mark, and its power can be increased by choosing the corresponding dragonmark paragon path.

Another family line known as Vol possessed an additional dragonmark known as the Mark of Death, but that line was mostly destroyed in a conflict between dragons and other elves.

Only one heir remains today named Erandis Vol , but because she is a lich she cannot use her dragonmark. However, she tries to gather information to restore the mark through the Order of the Emerald Claw and the religion known as the Blood of Vol. The worst punishment for a member of a dragonmarked house is called excoriation.

It is similar to excommunication in that the other members of the house are not allowed to have any contact with the excoriate under threat of severe punishment themselves. Excoriates may not even avail themselves of the publicly available services their house provides.

Excoriation is the punishment for only the worst offenses that dishonor the house. If the person survived excoriation, the missing dragonmark would regrow on a different part of the body and continue to function, but its use caused severe pain to the person. The Dragonmarked Houses are the cornerstone of the economy of Khorvaire.

Most banking, security, communications, transportation and fabrication are run by the Dragonmarked Houses. The Houses use their exclusive access to the powers of dragonmarks to sustain their economic empires that extend far beyond arcane powers of the dragonmarks themselves. The houses can attribute most of their success to their meticulously crafted reputations for standardization and quality that have elevated bearers of dragonmarks with a status that mundane wizards and artificers cannot possibly match.

Their scarcity makes them valuable and a frequent goal of quests. Dragonshards are hard, translucent rock or crystal fragments with swirling, pulsating veins of color suspended within them.

The veins have the appearance of dragonmarks. Although dragonshards are translucent, their glowing veins give them a distinctive color and make them look almost alive.

Siberys shards fall from the Ring of Siberys that encircles Eberron. They contain a pulsating swirl of golden veins. Siberys shards are the rarest type of dragonshard, and the type most closely associated with the dragonmarked houses. Because of their scarcity and importance to powerful groups, a new find of Siberys shards is often the focus of intrigue or theft. They are sometimes called sunstones or starmotes, or simply dragonshards, because of their association with the dragonmarked houses.

Siberys shard items focus or enhance the power of dragonmarked characters, and can enhance psionic powers. Dragonmarked houses are of central importance to the economy and society of Khorvaire, so their artificers have both the means and the need to develop methods to enhance the power of dragonshards.

The resulting proliferation of Siberys shard items range from devices focused on enhancing the power of a specific mark to generalized tools that work for anyone who bears a dragonmark.

Kalashtar psions and the Inspired lords of Riedra have found a way to harness the power of Siberys shards by undergoing a painful process that embeds a shard in their body, providing enhanced mental or physical abilities. Khyber shards are found beneath the earth near layers of magma or sulfur vents, typically growing on volcanic cavern walls.

They are found throughout Eberron but are particularly common in areas known for fiendish activity, such as the Demon Wastes. Khyber shards have a smoky appearance, with writhing midnight blue to oily black veins running through them. They are sometimes known as nightshards or demonstones.

Khyber shard items have an affinity for binding magic. They are common components of binding diagrams, soul trapping spells and similar magic associated with binding creatures. Eberron shards are found buried in shallow soil in clusters encased in geodes. They are found only in Khorvaire and Aerenal. Eberron shards have a pinkish appearance and churn with crimson blood-red swirls. They are commonly known as bloodstones. Eberron shard items store magical energy or psionic power as spellbooks, spell-storing items or psionic power stones.

Intelligent magical items often incorporate Eberron shards. Their magical affinity is very broad compared to the specific powers of Siberys and Khyber shards. Spellcasters can attune Eberron shards to a specific spell, enhancing the power of that spell when it is cast on the shard, and they can encode their spells in shards instead of scribing them.

Dragonshards can be crafted to power magic items , artifacts and constructs, or to augment dragonmark abilities. Dragonshard items vary in power depending on the purity of the dragonshard used. They are rarely large enough to craft into items of significant size; most often, small dragonshards are formed into jewelry. Larger dragonshards, up to the size of a fist, can be crafted into larger focus items. Dhakaan[ edit ] Dhakaan was an ancient goblinoid empire that dominated the continent of Khorvaire , until the coming of the extraplanar Daelkyr 16, years ago.


Five Nations (book)

Later in the night the bright colors came out eberrln remembrance of things lost turned to futures won. They see blood as a path to divinity, and are fascinated by the literal and figurative meanings of blood. In terms of ebetron derivation, they are commonly thought to be the result of crossbreeding between humans and lycanthropes but have become a true-breeding race. Five Nations Divine magic, however, clearly exists and most people believe it originates from the gods. Massive, drifting entities too large to notice visitors to the plane; free-floating rivers of milk-white liquid; rains of blue globes falling from unseen heights, only to burst and release horse-sized ticks when they strike another object—such are the madness-inducing features of Xoriat. Khorvaire is home to the five nations of Aundair, Breland, Cyre, Karrnath and Thrane, as well as other smaller states. The Undying act as counselors to the Aerenal elves.


The Five Nations of Khorvaire

Warforged are produced with their own armor and have various immunities, including to poison and disease. World of Eberron — Wikipedia Sarlona is home to both humans and kalashtar. The devastated territory it once occupied is now known as the Mournland. Would it seem likely that there would be fads based on various lost cultures? What is the attitude in the Five Nations toward items made from the body parts of sentient species?


Five Nations

Dubei Royal Succession King Galifar I established a method of government and succession that lasted for almost a thousand years. They are slightly taller and their faces more angular than humans, but in a way that only further accents their natural beauty. Spellcasters can attune Eberron shards to a specific spell, enhancing the power of that spell when it is cast on the shard, and they can encode their spells in shards instead beerron scribing them. Beyond nqtions or comprehension, Xoriat is called the Realm of Madness. So yes, they are a grab bag of all possible looks you can imagine.


World of Eberron

Kigarr The Inspired offer a portion of their vast resources at generous prices to aid the war-torn continent. After a period of research, Taratai discovered that the current Dream of the Age would eventually expire, and the one that will replace it will be one of joy and light. The templars are the warriors and exorcists, in charge of protecting the church by means of arms and spells. Karrns are likewise practical, martial, and dressed to deal with a harsher climate. In addition to the Aereni elves, a small group of Tairnadal elves inhabits the northern steppes of Aerenal, though many have since migrated to Valenar. Vulkoor shares some traits with Lolthencouraging trickery and destruction among his devotees and having a special affinity for arachnids.

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