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X Altijd een actueel beeld We houden onze ranglijsten graag zo actueel mogelijk. Oudere modellen blijven soms lang op de markt. Als producten destijds goed getest zijn, blijven ze de ranglijsten domineren terwijl er inmiddels nieuwe en betere producten zijn. Daarom kiezen we ervoor om de expertscore na verloop van tijd af te waarderen. De afwaardering is zorgvuldig bepaald en verschilt per productgroep.

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Offering a great combination of value, convenience and performance, the EBW features native WXGA x resolution and easy wireless connectivity. So you get amazing performance, ease of use and brilliant output — all from one ultra-thin projector. One brightness measurement lumens is not enough. If colour brightness is lower than white brightness, images may be dark, dull and lose detail.

Colour brightness colour light output measured in accordance with IDMS Colour brightness will vary depending on usage conditions. Simply turn on the power, direct the projector towards the screen or wall and the image is automatically adjusted with any vertical keystoning corrected. Simply connect, and project! Network and Wireless Capability The EBW can remove the need for untidy, complicated cabling, and connect to your This App is easy to use and navigate with intuitive menu options that make it simple to bring your iOS content to the big screen.

You can also create and display images directly from a USB memory device, making it possible to give presentations without the need for a PC.

This mode is ideal for viewing grayscale medical images such as X-ray pictures for training and education in the medical institutions.

Split Screen Project two images video or still side-by-side from two different sources simultaneously. Choose from three layout options.

You can swap the images as well as choose the source for audio. These Epson products feature unique technology enabling them to connect via USB and provide full operation without the need for a PC. Each of the models in the EB series conform to the criteria of this directive.

Connectivity Panel.


Epson EB-1761W



Epson EB-1761W


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