It was rejected for publication after receiving a thumbs down by a high ranking officer of the United Grand Lodge of England shortly before Knoop died in the fall of He was an economist by profession, being appointed an assistant lecturer at Manchester University shortly after he graduated there and in he was put in charge of the Economics department at the at The University of Sheffield, where he became a professor in and worked until shortly before he died in He wrote extensively about his field in economics. As a scholar, he was a regular contributor to Quatuor Coronati Lodge No.

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It was purchased c. Calvert of London. It was purchased from him in by Bro. Douglas Knoop. The catechism is written on three sides and about a quarter of the fourth, the rest of the page being filled with some lines in a different hand, headed "The Character of a Mason".

Department is of opinion that it was written in the first half of the eighteenth century. The transcript we print is made from the manuscript. See Introduction, pp. Essex MS. Peace be here. I hope there is. What a Clock is it? Are you very busy? Will you give or take? Both or which you please. How go Squares? Straight 6. Are you rich or poor? Neither 7. Change me that [unprintable character]? I will 8. In the name of God, Amen, Are you a Mason? A Mason 9. What is a Mason?

What is a fellow? A Companion to a Prince How shall I know if you are a Right Mason? Which is the 1st Point of your Entry? Where were you made a Mason? How many makes a Lodge? Why do odd Numbers make a lodge? What lodge are you of?

The Lodge of St Iohn 5. How doth that Lodge stand? At the East window waiting the rising of the Sun to set his men at work. At the West window waiting the Setting of the Sun, to dismiss the entred Apprentice.

Iehovah the right Pillar. Have you a Key of the Lodge? Yes I have What is its Virtue? Where do you keep it? Have you a Chain to the Key? How Long is it? It is as long as from my Tongue to my Heart. How many precious lewels? How many Lights? What do they represent? The three Persons of the holy Trinity Father S. Gt How many Pillars? Two I. Four boarding on Squares.

How is the Meridian found out? In what part of the Temple was the Lodge kept? How many Steps belong to a Right Mason? Give me the Salutation? I will. Lodge from whence I came greet you well, as I do. Fellows of the R. Give me the lerusalem Words? Give me the Universal Words? Right, Brother of ours, Give me your Name?

Welcome Brother M or N to our Society. How many Principal Points pertain to a right Mason? Fraternity, Fidelity, Taciturnity. How many proper Points? From Architecture. What doth it resemble? The Rainbow How many orders in Architecture? What do they answer to? Which is the right Word or Point of a right Mason? Let them wonder what the Mystery is. Here Fellow I drink to thee. To put off the To strick wt the Right Hand on the In what Lodge were you made a free Mason?

The greatest.


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Among the first projects of the Reformation was the production of catechisms self-consciously modelled after the older traditions of Cyril of Jerusalem and Augustine. Primarily intended as instruction to teachers, especially to parents, the catechism consists of a series of exhortations on the importance of each topic of the catechism. It is meant for those who have the capacity to understand, and is meant to be memorized and then repeatedly reviewed so that the Small Catechism could be taught with understanding. For example, the author stipulates in the preface: Therefore it is the duty of every father of a family to question and examine his children and servants at least once a week and to ascertain what they know of it, or are learning and, if they do not know it, to keep them faithfully at it. Luther adds: However, it is not enough for them to comprehend and recite these parts according to the words only, but the young people should also be made to attend the preaching, especially during the time which is devoted to the catechism, that they may hear it explained and may learn to understand what every part contains, so as to be able to recite it as they have heard it, and, when asked, may give a correct answer, so that the preaching may not be without profit and fruit. It begins: The First Commandment You shall have no other gods.


The Early Masonic Catechisms




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