The relationship between the boy and the cook is warm and based on respect until one day the boy shows racial prejudice, and then Gideon still respects the boy but keeps a distance. One day Teddy is spat in the eye by a venomous snake and there are fears that he will go blind. The parents are forever grateful to Gideon for saving Teddy and give him a raise and presents for his family. Not long after this, a scientist appears at the home, forcing the Farquars into persuading Gideon to reveal which plant he used for the treatment. Gideon got angry quietly and then shows the scientist some useless plant and the relationship between the Farquars and Gideon is now tense.

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Doris Lessing was born during the British Empire, and witnessed many of the injustices that were done upon the people of Rhodesia. She grew up and felt it was a part of her duty to write about social injustices. She had a deep desire to influence others through her literary works. She challenges the idea of race and women gender roles in most of her writings.

She is also known for mostly writing fiction literary works. Culture is an important aspect to all humans, no matter what race, or where you come from.

Everyone experiences culture values that they grew up with and teach to generations down the line. The idea of culture has been around since the existence of the world.

In the story, Gideon, the black man that the white family, the Farquars, hired as a servant stood up for his culture in one of the most important ways.

Later the Farquars bring a scientist to talk to Gideon to convince him to tell them his secret. Gideon was not comfortable giving up his secret for anything, not even wealth.

Gideon even felt a little betrayed by the Farquars for bringing the scientist to him. Nothing in the world was going to make Gideon give up his cultural secrets. The cultural conflict lies because the Europeans want more control, and power over the African Americans, and their cultures.

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Summary Of No Witchcraft For Sale By Doris Lessing

Dolkree No Witchcraft for Sale. Extracted from the pamphlet: Haley rated it liked it Apr 29, To ask other readers questions about No Witchcraft for Saleplease sign up. Like other women writers from southern African who did not graduate from high school such as Olive Schreiner and Nadine GordimerLessing made herself into a self-educated intellectual. During the postwar years, Lessing became increasingly disillusioned with the Communist movement, which she left altogether in It was her first visit since being forcibly removed in for her political views.



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