Can a candidate register for more than one level at a time? No, at any point of time, a candidate can hold a valid registration, for one Level only. What are the documents to be attached with registration form? No Need to send the documents. How do I check the status of my Registration Application to any course?

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Can a candidate register for more than one level at a time? No, at any point of time, a candidate can hold a valid registration, for one Level only.

What are the documents to be attached with registration form? No Need to send the documents. How do I check the status of my Registration Application to any course? While filling the Online Registration Application Form, the list of valid accredited institutes are available in the online form, the student can select the appropriate accredited institute from the list. What are the steps to be followed while filling up Online Registration Application Form?

How much is the registration fee? One time non refundable Registration fee is Rs. How can I know whether my application has been considered or not? My registration application was rejected Kept -in-Abeyance , what to do next? If your registration application was rejected due to any deficiency, you will be given a chance to rectify the deficiencies by complying with the required document within a scheduled time period.

To re-consider your application, submit the necessary compliance through email at regn[at]nielit[dot]gov[dot]in or by post. Can I get the registration fee back, in case my application is rejected? One time non refundable Registration fee is the charges against the Registration Application process.

If I missed the last date of registration, can I go for the same by paying some late fee or penalty? There is no such provision as yet. I have cleared first 10 papers of B level.

Payment of Registration Fees: Q. What are the different methods of making payment for Registration? How can I make the payment? After filling the registration form, you get a Demand note Number for use the facility. How do I pay the registration fees on-line? Can I use internet banking? Payment of registration fees through internet banking is permitted.

You can also make payment of registration fees by using Net Banking available under Pay Online option. Can I make payment of Registration fees by DD along with online forms? Payment of registration fees by DD is not permitted along with online forms. How an institute can make a payment for group of candidates together? In the next window, Select the candidates via check box and click on make payment.

After that a demand note will be generated for these candidates and then payment can be made using any of payment method. Can institute verify and make payment after that? As per the Student Portal, institute can verify their candidates and make fee payment only within the Cut-off date even if you have submitted application on last day. Institute will be online dispatch the Online Registration Form within the Cut-off date of Registration. Yes, you can pay the fees yourself by selecting the options in the section Fill the registration Details of the registration form.

Can I choose the Accredited Institute option without contact the institute? How can I Transfer my Registration from one level to another? Or What happens when a candidate applies for Registration at another level without qualifying all papers of a particular level at which he is already registered?

For transfer of Registration the candidate has to filled the online Registration application form after creation of user login at www. I am a direct candidate. Am I eligible to Register as direct candidate at the next higher level immediately after clearing the current level? To register at the next higher level, you have to fulfil the eligibility criteria for the next higher level at the time of seeking Registration with respect to educational qualification and experience.

Can I Register for the next higher level? If you are eligible for the next higher level you could get Registered for that level after cancelling the existing Registration number. However, you will not be given any chance to clear the left over paper of the previous level as your registration for the lower level will not be valid any more.

Am I eligible to Register for next higher Level? You have to clear all theory and practical papers as well as projects for shifting to the next higher Level. How to apply for transfer of registration from lower level to higher level? I have cleared all theory and practical papers but left with project. Validity of Registration: Q.

What is the validity period of Registration of different Levels? Is a candidate required to seek Registration for every Examination? No, Registration for each Examination is not required till the Registration number allotted for the level concerned is valid. What is the remedy if a candidate fails to qualify all papers within the validity period of the Registration? How can a candidate get Re-Registered?

What is the impact of Re-Registration on the papers already qualified? Validity of the Registration will then be extended for one time another full term i. What are components to be cleared during the validity period of Registration? All theory papers, all applicable practical papers and projects will have to be cleared during the validity period of Registration No. When Can I do the Re-registration? The candidate must apply for re-registration within one year after expiry of validity period of Registration.

Is Registration No. To clear any projects or practical or any theory papers, Registration No. What should I do when the validity period of my Registration No. If you have not availed the one time Re-registration option, you can apply for re-registration within one year of expiry of validity period of Registration No.

After doing Re-registration, How long will be validity period of Registration No.? Re-registration will give you another full term validity period of that particular level i. Registration is open throughout the year, however cut off dates are there to process Registration for a particular examination are as under:- Level.


NIELIT O Level Exam Notification 2020 DOEACC July Online Application Form

Preceding 31st July Preceding 31st January Candidates will not be eligible for appearing in the relevant examination if their registration forms are received after the stipulated date, except in the specific cases as may be notified by DOEACC from time to time. Students from institutes running accredited courses can straightaway fill in examination application forms of next higher Levels for the next examination giving their old registration numbers and paying the registration fees for the level applying for. The registration fees would be in addition to the requisite amount of examination fee and postal charge. This facility would be available only to the students taking the examinations through institutes running accredited courses. With a view to assist students who wish to pursue B Level course immediately after graduation and in view of the delay in the announcement of University results, filled application forms for registration at B Level will be accepted by the DOEACC Society up to 14th August for the January examination subject to the conditions that:- a the application forms for registration complete in all respects are sent in bulk separately for B Level by the institute, addressed to Joint Manager Admn. Registration forms of newly admitted students to accredited courses of institutes will be accepted by the DOEACC Society up to one month beyond the normal cut off dates specified, provided such forms are duly sponsored by institutes conducting accredited courses and supported by a soft file containing the data pertaining to the applications in the data structure provided by DOEACC Society.



Registration is valid for a specified period. A candidate can register only for one particular level viz, O, A, B or C, at a time. Registration is open to candidates through out the year. However, cut-off dates have been prescribed, with reference to January and July examinations. Registration Norms A system of registration of candidates has been evolved to monitor the growth of the skills at the various Levels and ensure planning of IT manpower. Candidates get a unique identification number under the system.

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