It covers power development, speed, explosiveness, and so much more! Doing any of th This book is not for everyone. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. David Martin rated it it was amazing Sep da, The results speak for themselves. This was the easiest part of the program for me because I have always been good at pull ups.

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Back Squat Bench Press Indeed, you can bench hard twice a week. Another workout, my personal favorite is , again increasing weight. Certainly, two sets of five and three sets of three work with this rule, too. Keep the load high, but the volume low on deadlifts. For Back Squats, I would recommend one of two things: either mimic the Bench Press routine and do increasing sets of ten or do what I recommend for my trainees who want to gain lean body mass: do one high rep set.

Day One After a little warm up, the first lift will be the deadlift. There is no movement in the gym that is more total body than the deadlift and a max lift here can beat you up for weeks. If you are not good at deadlifts and have no issues with spine health, I would strongly suggest you make this a key movement in your training. Two reps in the deadlift. Add Weight Two reps in the deadlift. If you just keep tossing on 45s, that workout taps out at for two which is solid work for anybody, anywhere.

Bench Press Feel free to follow my sets and reps and load, but this little idea of benching for tens seems to work for most people. Upper Body Extra Work We have been splitting the body up in an interesting way in this program.

It gives you a chance to train specific muscle groups, yet gives plenty of time to recover. My years in the weight room have taught me that with ten rep max lifts the numbers get a little cloudy, a little fuzzy. One week, you handle that weight for twelve reps, the next week, you might struggle with eight. This has always been the set that indicates to me that I am making progress in my program.

Well, I suggest you shop well, cook your meals, eat your veggies, live life and take care of business. What has always amazed me about training twice a week is how good my joints feel and how much energy I seem to have to do all the other important things in life. Try it.


Pavel Tsatsouline on the Science of Strength and the Art of Physical Performance (#55)

I completed 40 consecutive training sessions and finished the "Easy Strength" program written by Pavel Tsatsouline and popularized by Dan John. I had heard great things about the Easy Strength program and knew I needed to come up with a training program that would not only get me strong, but would also hold me accountable. I chose these specific exercises for one main reason and one other somewhat silly reason. The second reason I chose to complete this program is that I am a meathead.

FR A720 11K PDF


Hinge Movement: There are two options here depending on need: either pick a deadlift variation and rotate it every two weeks, for example, thick bar deadlifts, snatch grip deadlifts, clean grip deadlifts, orthodox deadlifts, Jefferson Lifts or Hack squats or do kettlebell swings in the range. These options will all cover the need for pulling, too. Squat Movement: Again, ideally one would alternate movements after every two weeks, front squats, back squats, overhead squats, zercher squats or safety squats are all fine. More on that later… The workouts Two sets of Five: it should be easy and be like your second or third warm up lift in a typical workout. Five-Three-Two: Five reps with your 2 x 5 weight, add weight for three, then a solid double. Make the Double!!!

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