Fautaur Fast and easy 8 assembly. Metallic cabinet without back and with cover with key. The signal wlcad from the antenna is distributed to its two out-puts. One of the UHF antennas has a preamplifier. Fixed to the mast by means of a polyamide clamp.

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Grogar Channel converter equip- 6 ment to organize the spectrum according to our needs. This type of installation permits the maximum number of outlets at the expense of using more coaxial cable.

Areas where reception is difficult, with large differences in level between channels. Characteristics ZP ZP Each module consists of a three-stage input filter, alcqd amplifier and an output filter which is three-stage, the filters are cavities.

Supplied with power cable with fas- ton connector for IEC connector equipment. Each cluster filter can incorporate up to 9 filters, with one or several inputs. Characteristics Return path included from 5 to catlogo MHz. The diplexer permits the separation of digital channels coming from the same antenna as the rest of the channels of the installation, avoiding the need for the installation of a new antenna.

Tv catalogue alcad Fast and easy reflector assembly, all the components are pre-mounted and no tools are required for their assembly. The antenna preamplifier is used when the sig-nal level is very low. Shielded zamak chassis with plastic sup- ports.

The multi- plexers by channel groups make it possible to combine the different channels of the equipment, maintaining a high carrier to noise ratio. The level of the channels can be adjusted automatically or manually from the broadband amplifier of the equipment. Splicer for coaxial cable. Excessive levels of cagalogo VHF channels can be avoided in this way.

These installations commonly have long runs of cable which attenuate and unba- lance the signal, attenuating those channels with higher frequency more. It permits the injection of the voltage in catakogo coaxial cable in order to feed the equipment. The BU model is also supplied in a multiple pack and unassembled see page Must be powered from each individual receiver to feed the switching and amplification of each tap output.

Characteristics Very robust DVB-S decoder with an automatic reset system in the event of the detection of errors in catalpgo to reduce maintenance of the installation. Applications Large, digital and analogue terrestrial MATV installations where adjacent analogue or digital channels exist. By selecting the cafalogo input and output channel, the processor works as a filter with AGC, handling the channels independently and eliminating interference. Characteristics Protected against power surges, overloads and short-circuits.

Separate housings for the power supply unit and the high frequency circuit. Applications Designed for TV installations with two coaxial cables in which distribution to the dwellings is performed with a single coaxial cable. Catalogo alcad pdf — Free Download, Herunterladen Kostenlos Bidirectional communication by means of the infrared universal programmer. Automatic gain control AGC enables insta-llations to be carried out in areas where the recep-tion level is variable.

It is recommended to conect the multiplexing and diplexing bridge as referred in the schema. Ctalogo dimensions x x mm Cabinet — 22 modulesMetal cabinet with cover with key but with-out back. Made from aluminium, plastic and galvanised steel. By applying these reductions to the maximum output level according to norm DIN B the level of intermodulations can be maintained at 54dB weaker than that of the channels which is undetectable in the TV.

PowerBK supply jack, 9. The built-in powersupply unit can feed up to five preamplifiers and a LNB automatically. Star-shaped installation which distributes the terrestrial and satellite TV to the outlets, the distribution is made on the 5 to 2, MHz band.

Designed to permit the distribution of the IF band among groups of different buildings or houses from one single SAT head-end. Applications Designed to enlarge analogue and digital terrestrial TV installations within a house. All the required channels can be installed, with the possibility of subsequently 8 adding an unlimited number of new channels.

Fed by a built-in power supply. In these installa- tions it is necessary to install individual receivers with each televi- sion. Enables distribution to up to TV outlets in a single line, with a single amplifier and FU power supply unit. Alcwd MATV installations, where the users do nothave individual terrestrial digital receiver. CharacteristicsRobust antenna with great resistance to both sun and salt resi-due.

Fast and easy assembly. The inputs of the 4 polarities and the terrestrial TV are amplified. CharacteristicsThe electrical characteristics are identical to those of the equivalent prod-ucts, except for the feed voltages. Related Posts.


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