Good writers should be honoured but I dont think that this simple review will summarize the great work of this author. John Bevere is releasing many from the claws of intimidation through this masterpiece. I remember having seen John at Hillsong Church London describing the first part of this book. As Bevere is a pastor, he was invited to preach in a certain Church some time ago when, in the service, he was used to publically say to the choir that there was sin among them. At first, you may think that this was a bit hard from John and of course the members of the choir got very sad and started complaining about him to the pastor from that church.

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In I left my career position as an engineer to enter the full-time ministry of helps for a very large church. In my position I served the pastor, his wife and all incoming guest ministers by taking care of menial tasks in order to free them up for the work God called them to do.

After four years God released me to be the youth pastor for another large church. The week I was to leave, a man who was also on staff told my wife that God had given him a word for me. Ever since then that word has resounded in my ear as a warning, offering protection in the shadow of its wisdom and strength.

As with any true word of God it has become a rudder for my heart and a foundation to keep me from uncertainty. This man warned my wife, If John does not walk in his God-given authority, someone will take it from him and use it against him. This word had an immediate impact. I recognized it as the wisdom of God, but I did not have the full understanding of how to apply it. That knowledge would come over the next several years.

A Life-changing Experience At the beginning of the Lord confirmed that His calling on my life at that time was to travel and minister. After I had been on the road for a short time, I had a life-changing experience through which I finally understood the words of instruction God had given me years before. We had begun conducting the meetings at a church on a Wednesday evening and were scheduled to continue through Sunday.

The Spirit of God moved in a very powerful way, and there were strong deliverances, healings and salvation. The presence of God in the meetings grew each night. The first week a lady involved in the New Age movement was gloriously delivered.

This seemed to be the catalyst that spurred the meetings on. Within a week people were coming from a ninety-mile radius. God has more in store for us. I agreed, and we continued for twenty-one services. The Word of God flowed like a swift-running brook, and the gifts of the Spirit manifested in every service.

During the second week of the meetings, one night I turned around as I was preaching and faced the musicians and singers there were about twenty-five on the platform. Then I declared, There is sin on this platform. If you do not repent, God will expose it. After hearing myself say that, I thought, Wow, where did that come from?

This is prophetic preaching—when we speak by divine inspiration. My mind began to question what I said, but I quickly dismissed those thoughts because I knew what I said was from God. I had not premeditated it. The anointing to preach remained heavily upon me. The crowds grew at each service.

During the third week— again, as I preached—I wheeled around, pointed my finger at those on the platform and declared boldly through the unction of the Holy Spirit, There is sin on this platform.

If you do not repent, God will expose it, and you will be removed! I sensed an increase in authority and assurance. This time I did not question it because I knew God was in the process of purging sin from His house.

However, if we do not listen, we will begin to grow cold and dull. This will continue until we are no longer sensitive to Him in our hearts. Then, in order to reach and protect us or those around us, God will send someone to expose what is wrong. He does not do this for the purpose of embarrassing us but to warn and protect us. If we still refuse to listen, judgment comes. For if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged. But when we are judged, we are chastened by the Lord, that we may not be condemned with the world 1 Cor.

God will tolerate sin for a season to give us time to repent in order to spare us His chastening. Even in His chastening it is His desire that we would not be condemned along with the world. The prodigal son came to his senses when he was in the pigpen. Better to come to your senses in a pigpen than to continue in your sin and one day hear the Master say, Depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness Matt.

Referring to this, Paul said, For this reason many are weak and sick among you, and many sleep [are dead] 1 Cor. Sin eventually brings forth spiritual and physical death.

I felt that the Lord was chastening someone on the platform, trying to bring that person to repentance. But I did not know whom He was convicting of sin. A Subtle Attack of Intimidation The next evening as the pastor and I were in his office preparing to go out to the service, an elder came in and reported that the ministers of music and praise seemed moody and negative that night.

The pastor thought they were just tired from so many services and said, Just tell them to go out and praise God and put their feelings aside. I looked at the elder and said, Wait a minute. Is there something wrong? The elder answered, "Well, they think you are being too hard on them. Sign up to read more!


Breaking Intimidation - John Bevere



Breaking Intimidation: Say "No" Without Feeling Guilty. Be Secure Without the Approval of Man



Breaking Intimidation: Say "No" Without Feeling Guilty. Be Secure Without the Approval of Man.


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