I love to meet with book clubs, either in person in the New York area, or via phone or Skype. Please email me: mirandabeverlywhittemore gmail. But thats where the resemblance to life endsthe place, renamed Winloch in the bookis inhabited by a family of bad people. Based in some part on my I love to meet with book clubs, either in person in the New York area, or via phone or Skype. Based in some part on my own experience being photographed by two fine arts photographers, Jock Sturges and Mona Kuhn, I started my first novel, The Effects of Light, to answer the question most Americans seemed to ask when I explained this photographic work to them—would I still love it if an innocent died because that work had been made? My second novel, Set Me Free, was based in part on the time I spent on the Crow reservation in highschool, the legacy of my countercultural parents, and the complications of their generation of liberal do-gooders.

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Read more reviews at Inspiring Insomnia. I suspect were supposed to regard her as plucky and resourceful, but shes really quite awful. When we meet her, shes in the midst of what looks like a Single White Female type of obsession with or possibly a crush on her beautiful roommate, Ev Winslow.

I thought that this had the potential to be fun, but that angle is quickly discarded for a ho-hum murder Read more reviews at Inspiring Insomnia. It seems that Ev has only the most minimal amount of tolerance for Mabel, so I was as shocked as Mabel was when Ev invited Mabel to visit her family for the summer. Mabel leaps at the opportunity — anything to be close to Ev and to win her affection. When the girls arrive at Winloch, Mabel is surprised to see it consists of somewhat shabby houses.

Ev then tells Mabel that she needs help cleaning up one of the houses so that her mother and father would transfer ownership to her. With a tiny bit of coaxing from one of the Winslows, Mabel begins to spy on all of the family members. She inserts herself into the middle of the family drama and pries into their financial affairs. She feels perfectly entitled to ownership of a house that has been in the family for generations.

That rich people are evil, twisted, and sick? Bittersweet would have worked better as a telenovela. Note: I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.



That makes him an obvious person to help when his godson, Sweet Water High School student Matthew Crimstein, expresses concern to his grandmother, attorney Hester Crimstein, that his bullied classmate Naomi Pine has gone missing. But Hester, taking the time from her criminal defense of financial consultant Simon Greene Run Away, to worm the details out of him, asks Wilde to lend a hand, and sure enough, Wilde, unearthing an unsavory backstory that links Naomi to bullying classmate Crash Maynard, whose TV producer father, Dash Maynard, is close friends with reality TV star—turned—presidential hopeful Rusty Eggers, finds Naomi hale and hearty. And this time, so does Crash after a brief visit to Matthew in which he tearfully confesses his guilt about the bad stuff he did to Naomi. This second disappearance veers into more obviously criminal territory with the arrival of a ransom note that demands, not money, but the allegedly incriminating videotapes of Rusty Eggers that Dash and Delia Maynard have had squirreled away for 30 years.


Bittersweet: A Novel

Gardaktilar Sometimes she is sweet and generous to Mabel alternating with verbal abuse. Privileged, bored, and aloof Twists- turns- cliffhangers — nutty-fun-mystery She has grown t Majority was audiobook. Mabel goes from sad bevwrly-whittemore bitchy to manipulative, sad and bitchy. And for no real reason that the author felt called upon to give. On the Pleasures of Plot, and Writing a Bestseller Why does his family cover up for him year after year, crime after crime? We therefore see ourselves implicated in webs of corruption, abuse, and greed without a clear sense of possible redemption, only with opportunistic philanthropy.






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