Particularly suitable for solo instruments and voices. This effect used to be created by playing a tape in reverse direction, recording the reverb signal, and then playing back the tape in forward direction again, with the result that the reverb signal was played back before the actual input signal. This algorithm belongs to the group of multi-effects programs and is combined with a delay. After power-up, the unit automatically recalls the preset last used. Turn the wheel clockwise to increment the preset number, or counterclockwise to decrement it.

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Sold then, as I had bought. Not bad at all for someone looking for an effects processor for cheap. Other effects are almost usable, taking the time and care to polish. But it is true that given in the context of time, he offered still a lot of possibilities and various effects. Modulation effects chorus, flanger, etc Editable in stereo or 2x mono with user submissions.

Any digital low cost. An interesting detail: the button "compare" which allows, as its name suggests to compare the sound with and without the effect. The manual, as always with Behringer is bloated but may be instructive to start prefer the English version, Holes in French. In addition but this is a personal and subjective opinion , the sound goes "very small".

I used it on guitar, keyboard or auxiliary on a table. The most convincing effect reverb: a fouletitude parameters and rendering pretty cool. Obviously, for the price, do not dream. Still, this is solid, full of pretty small lights and you can have fun with but only fun I do not have that choice.

I gave Emaus 4 of 14 people found this review helpful Did you find this review helpful? Behringer wanted to do here rather a gadget when some sounds mean, I use it only for the reverb on light boxes. Yes I would do this choice without hesitate.

Are they edited? What technology is used? Analog, digital, tube The manual is clear and sufficient? Yes, well! Editing sounds and effects is it easy? I did not use "all" effects, but they range from blah to very correct! Which instruments do you use? Which ones do you prefer, you hate? I no longer remember! How long have you use it?

I used almost 1 year. Have you tried many other models before buying it? No, because this one was in my ways to use what I had to do! What is the particular feature you like best and least? Yes without hesitation.


Behringer VIRTUALIZER PRO DSP2024P User Manual

Can be used in dual-channel mode. Presets are dialled up using the large data wheel after first selecting the Preset button, which is one of the six buttons to the left of the data wheel. New effects are based on the 71 effect algorithms — pressing Effect and using the data wheel scrolls through them. The Edit button gets you into Edit mode while Store saves the edited patch into any desired user patch location.


Behringer Virtualizer 3D FX2000 Audio manuály, uživatelské přiručky a jiné dokumenty

The reverb can be considered as the most important effect in a mix-down or a live event. The DSPP offers 12 different reverberation programs so that you have a suitable reverb for every situation. Cathedral simulates the dense, long reverberation of a large cathedral, which is appropriate for solo instruments or vocals in slow pieces. Originally the flanger effect was generated with two tape recorders which ran synchronously.


Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP2024P Manuals & User Guides


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