Saturday, 24 November life history of Basavanna Basavanna Basavanna was born in Bagewadi, a town in Hungund taluk in Bagalkot district former Bijapur district of Karnataka. Bagewadi is 20 kilometer away from Hungund. Madaras and Madalambe were parents of Basavanna. Madaras was town president of Bagewadi. He belonged to Kamme Brahmin community.

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Play intensely Oh the lord of kUDala sangama! I could not find a link for the audio or video. If you happen to know a link, please pass it on! This normally happens at the drut — or fast phrases. You can distinctly hear the sound I am indicating by the phrase thur-thur-thur at several places.

Oh boy, How wrong our inferences could be! This is a song written by Purandara Dasa , acknowledged as a pioneer in Karnataka Sangeetha. The title of this blog happens to be the opening line pallavi of one of his songs.

Krishna is described by Purandara as playing his flue this way. Nobody has seen Krishna playing his flute. But Purandara must have see other flautists around his time AD — AD producing such sounds on their flutes, and this of course, he has attributed to Krishna.

So far so good. But this song is also significant in other ways. Purandara dasa is said to have composed hundreds of thousands of compositions. Now, we have just over a thousand of his compositions available. There is pretty little information available on how many of his compositions were sung. However, being the musician he was, some of his compositions talk about various musical aspects, although indirectly.

And this song, tutturu toorendu, is one of them. For a long time, Indian music was supposed to have 32 major rAgas. This has showed up even prior to Purandara dAsa.


Vachana Series - with explanation in English

Digar Beauty without eminence,what does it matter where it is? Food and clothes could be sold, but can basavannna be sold, Koodalasangamadeva? If my flight is humiliatingShiva Shiva, let that be. English vachana In engljsh Vachanas Basavanna delineated the contours of an. Koodalasangamadeva, 96 If you do not beg from meif you are my good guardian, I swear on our sharanas. Vachana Sahitya with explanation in English If you have nothing to offer, and yet no virtue too, would Koodalasangamadevayya shun chopping your nose off?

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ಶ್ರಿ ಬಸವಣ್ಣನವರ ವಚನಗಳು


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