We support our products through an extensive worldwide network of dealers. The dealer through whom you originally purchased this product is your point of contact if you need service or support. Our dealers are empowered to provide the very best in customer service and support. Page 6: Important Information if Sensormatic or an authorized representative has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

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They easily have hundreds of thousands of DVRs deployed [link no longer available] in many high end retailers, banks, corporations and governments. Over the last few years, American Dynamics has been a favorite target of new entrance IP video companies. Recently, American Dynamics made two acquisitions to rectify such limitations.

None of these products support IP cameras. All of these products can be managed from a single user client - Network Client. American Dynamics offers this both as software only and as NVR appliances.

Analog cameras must be connected to external encoders i. Intellivid: Another acquisition, Intellivid is their video analytics offering optimized for retail. Intellivid records and analyzes video from IP video feeds. It does not accept direct analog connection. American Dynamics is in the process of merging these product offerings into a single coherent product family.

Currently, each of these products requires a separate client to view and manage video. On their committed roadmap is a universal client that could access video from any of these platforms. Over the last few years, many Intellex users have migrated to software only offerings. To the extent that American Dynamics can provide a seamless experience between IP and analog, DVRs and software only, they maximize the possibility of maintaining their existing customer base.

However, the universal client is still in development and supporting IP cameras on existing Intellexs is not even part of the committed roadmap. As such, the current case for extending use of Intellex is not strong. While many customers and dealers will continue their use of Intellex because of existing relationships and units deployed, the case for Intellex, compared to competitors, is not compelling. If you are an Intellex competitor, the recent acquisitions may improve the story for American Dynamics but likely will not be strong enough to stop the competitive in-roads.

Relative to rip and replace, it may be better to accept some limitations. However, the limitations and additional costs could prove quite challenging. How has the market shifted since we Michael Gilge, founder of VCS, back in The goal of this history is to Now, after years of internal development, S2 has launched its own Why the change? Airship VMS Profile on Apr 03, Airship has been developing VMS software for over 10 years, however, with no outside investment, and minimal marketing, the company is not well Inside this report: A The top choice?

No one. But Recordings from the full event are posted at the bottom of this report. Watch the New Products This may seem basic for some, but those new to the Avigilon Open Analytics Tested on Apr 16, After years of effectively closed analytics, Avigilon decided in late to open up. Now, they have released their own cameras with embedded LPR.

How do they Member Login.


American Dynamics Intellex Intellex DVMS User Manual

Pendant Wall Mount Cap. If you are unable to see the Flash video player below, please view our Intellex playlist on YouTube. With these simplistic controls, the system can be set up, operated, and reconfigured easily. Test Monitor Kit with Wrist Strap. T-bar Mount — Short. Wall Mount — Short.


American Dynamics Intellex DVMS ADD600DVP050

Flex Arm Magnetic Base Mount. An object moves through the draw zone and target area in the specified direction at the indicated speed. Name of Intellex unit that archived these images Double-click to display cameras included in the segment. Flex Arm Clip Mount. Deleting An Account By continue to navigate through this site or by clicking Approve, you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our Privacy Notice. Outdoor Pole Strap Adapter.

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