It enabled businesses across the world to rapidly and cost-effectively implement formal, efficient call management procedures, ensuring that each and every customer problem was resolved as promptly and correctly as possible. Amdocs Clarify CRM now meets the needs of more than just help desks and call centers — it enhances virtually every customer-facing function across an entire business. Amdocs Clarify CRM enables companies to improve the way they manage the full end-to-end customer lifecycle across all delivery channels. Amdocs Clarify CRM offers comprehensive solutions for customer interaction management, sales force automation, order processing and management, service and support, and marketing automation. Related modules are also available for inbound and outbound telemarketing script management, field service and dispatchment, billing, digital commerce, and logistics.

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With our complementary product sets, communications-specific functionality and powerful delivery capabilities, we offer the number one CRM solution for the communications industry. Clarify has an outstanding set of CRM products, with strong communications-specific functionality, which we have already successfully integrated with Amdocs products at leading communications companies.

In addition, Clarify has a strong reputation in the CRM market, as the leading vendor to Tier 1 and Tier 2 communication service providers. We are very confident that this approach, which we have used successfully in past acquisitions, will enable us to effectively leverage the important assets that Clarify brings to the table.

Furthermore, the technological and functional compatibility of our products, together with the similarity of our corporate cultures, provide us with additional assurance that this transition can be completed smoothly and quickly.

Similarly, in integrating with Clarify, we will be focusing our CRM activities and resources on the communications market. At the same time, we will be true to our heritage of customer commitment by managing our enterprise relationships through our partners who have the focus, knowledge and capabilities to support these sectors. This approach enables us to retain our communications focus, while ensuring continued support for all Clarify customers. The CRM market has considerable potential.

This is especially the case at this time in the communications industry, where service providers are very focused on retaining customers. The acquisition also creates reciprocal sales opportunities within the Clarify and Amdocs customer bases.

In addition, there are service synergies. This will help ensure delivery for our CRM customers while also stabilizing revenue flows in this sector. The transaction will be accounted for by the purchase accounting method and is expected to be accretive to cash earnings per share in fiscal year and thereafter. As a condition of the sale in Europe, all necessary employee consultation requirements must be also be met. The acquisition, which is expected to close by the end of December , is subject to customary regulatory approvals.

Amdocs expects to incur a one-time acquisition-related charge in its first fiscal quarter ending December 31, to account for certain costs relating to the acquisition, primarily the write-off of purchased in-process research and development. Amdocs has an unparalleled success record in project delivery of its mission-critical products.

With human resources of more than 8, information systems professionals, Amdocs supports a global customer base. Amdocs will host a conference call on October 2 at 8 a. The call will be carried live on the Internet via www.

Although we believe the expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, we can give no assurance that our expectations will be obtained or that any deviations will not be material.

Such statements involve risks and uncertainties that may cause future results to differ from those anticipated. The forward-looking information is within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of and Section 21E of the Securities Act of , and subject to certain risks and uncertainties, and actual results may differ materially.


Amdocs Clarify CRM Review

Employing a robust and innovative testing methodology that emulated real-world usage of Amdocs ClarifyCRM 12 web client applications for customer interaction management, sales and support, Amdocs ClarifyCRM 12 significantly outperformed previously published benchmark results in both the number of concurrent users and inbound interactions. Vendors that win in this space long-term deliver world-class benchmark results, along with a robust testing methodology in order to demonstrate their true enterprise strength. Additional testing demonstrated that Amdocs ClarifyCRM 12 efficiently utilizes hardware and system resources and scales linearly. These additional tests demonstrate the power of Amdocs ClarifyCRM 12 to positively affect total cost of ownership and return on investment and, at the same time, help ensure that organizations are able to effectively plan for and manage business growth.


Amdocs Clarify CRM



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