There is a sentence in which the use of denotes a well-known Syriac expression by means of the corresponding , an expression absolutely foreign to the Arabic language. Surah, xi, says : which translated literally means: All we relate to thee from the Stories of the Apostles is to confirm thy heart thereby. To explain away the difficulty the Commentators resort to absolutely useless compromises: Tabari Tafsir, xii. Bulak, , A. That the resort to idafah is a worthless compromise is borne out by 29 Breviarium Chaldaicum, i.

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He was ordained in and spent the next ten years studying and teaching at the Seminary. In , following a dispute with the authorities, he left Mosul and travelled to England, settling in Birmingham, where he was befriended by the orientalist and biblical scholar James Rendel Harris. He spent the next two years living with Harris and at Woodbrooke College, where he met his wife, Emma Sophie Floor, a student from Norway.

They married in and had two children. In the same year, Mingana moved to the John Rylands Library, Manchester to work as a curator of Oriental manuscripts; his catalogue of this collection was published in He made several journeys to the Middle East in the s in search of manuscripts, financed by Edward Cadbury.

In , he returned to Birmingham to work as Curator of these manuscripts, the Mingana Collection. He died suddenly in , just before the third volume of his catalogues was published. From he was Professor of Syriac at Mosul. His wide scholarly output included many editions of hitherto unknown Syriac and Arabic texts. Though his interest was mainly in Eastern Christianity, his considerable knowledge of Islam enabled him to lecture on Islamic history and literature as well.

In , on the invitation of J. Rendel Harris the first Principal of Woodbrooke College, Selly Oak, Birmingham , Mingana came to England and spent two years at Woodbrooke where he met and married his wife, a Norwegian student ay ther college.

In , he was appointed to the John Rylands Library, Manchester as curator of oriental manuscripts, where he stayed until During these years he came to know Dr Edward Cadbury at whose expense he travelled to the Middle East to purchase manuscripts. In and he travelled through the regions of Iraq, Syria and Palestine and in went to Sinai and Upper Egypt. Many of the manuscripts were bought from monasteries and private libraries in these regions.

In , Mingana returned to Birmingham and was appointed curator of the collection named after him. He began the task of cataloguing the manuscripts and also edited and translated some of the more important ones which appeared in the a series Woodbrooke Studies and in various journals.

This work continued after his death when a Lectureship in Islamic Studies was set up. One of the holders of this lectureship was James W.


Alphonse Mingana (1878-1937)



Alphonse Mingana




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