In addition to the compressor, this unit also features a gate. It is indeed a rack mountable piece of gear and it will take up two rack spaces. Each channel has parameters for threshold, ratio, attack, release, and output as well as a section for the gate that has additional parameters for threshold and rate. Both channels also have a variety of buttons including a choice between either soft or hard knee. The gate sounds pretty good as well and is a great thing to have within a single unit like this one

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I was surprised to see that the is significantly deeper and heavier than the , which is due to its enhanced internal power. The circuits themselves have also been subject to upgrade to provide cheaper more efficient components. Crucially the op amps have been improved to for more detailed equivalents, all of this adds up to an all-round better sound and build quality.

In terms of actual sound its clear the Alesis have the same pioneering intention for the that they had for the over 20 years ago, which was designed as cheaper alternative but was massively popular thanks to its technical superiority. This is certainly applicable to the , its not exactly outstanding but its very versatile and taking into consideration its price and size its perfectly suited to home or small studios.

You use this feature to trigger compression when you want it, a second internal sidechain has a switchable low-cut filter to help control pumping from heavy bass. When it is in auto mode the attack and release settings are automatically set depending on the incoming signal, this is pretty useful but unfamiliar to me. A limiter at the end of the chain protects against spikes in the output.

The Alesis is in many ways very similar and very different from its older brother. Its great for beginners as its cheap, compact and easy to use but is still suitable for more experienced producers.

Analog, digital, tube Analog cms Are they edited? I am not using at the moment Which ones do you prefer, you hate? Have you tried many other models before buying it? I have 2 dbx, much better.


Alesis 3632 Stereo Compressor Limiter

Page Front Panel Noise Gate Controls The hiss would also be present under these conditions, but since a strong signal is present it would tend to "mask" the hiss. To use the solely as a noise gate, set the Ratio control to This passes the input signal to the noise gate without processing. Page Front Panel Metering Example: A meter reading of -6 dB indicates that the is attenuating the input signal by at least 6 dB in order to keep it at the threshold level. The more lights that are lit, the greater the amount of limiting, and the more processed the sound. For frequency-dependent limiting applications that involve plugging into another signal processor, a special stereo-to-dual-mono cord is required, as shown below. Page 20 To perform ducking: 1.


Air Compressor Manuals


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